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Caput  n.  (pl. capita)  
(Anat.) The head; also, a knoblike protuberance or capitulum.
The top or superior part of a thing.
(Eng.) The council or ruling body of the University of Cambridge prior to the constitution of 1856. "Your caputs and heads of colleges."
Caput mortuum. (Old Chem.) The residuum after distillation or sublimation; hence, worthless residue.

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"Caput" Quotes from Famous Books

... killed by Neoptolemus. Antenor, AEneas, and others urge peace, and on failing to prevail with Priam, begin to parley with the Greeks. There is no Trojan horse, but the besiegers are treacherously introduced at a gate ubi extrinsecus portam equi sculptum caput erat. Antenor and AEneas receive their reward; but the latter is banished because he has concealed Polyxena, who is massacred when discovered by Neoptolemus. Helenus, Cassandra, and Andromache go free: and the book ends with the beautifully precise ...
— The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory - (Periods of European Literature, vol. II) • George Saintsbury

... Madame says not conduct gentleman; might have seen crab, grandmother and scorpion with injured head; mere excuse—caput mortuus decrepitum cancer.—Sagittarius." ...
— The Prophet of Berkeley Square • Robert Hichens

... proceeded to Radnor, {12} on Ash Wednesday (Caput Jejunii), accompanied by Ranulph de Glanville, privy counsellor and justiciary of the whole kingdom, and there met Rhys, {13} son of Gruffydd, prince of South Wales, and many other noble personages of those parts; where a sermon being preached by the archbishop, upon the subject of the Crusades, ...
— The Itinerary of Archibishop Baldwin through Wales • Giraldus Cambrensis

... cum vita iaceret In terris oppressa gravi sub religione, Quae caput a caeli regionibus ostendebat Horribili super aspectu mortalibus instans, Primum Graius homo mortalis tendere contra Est oculos ausus primusque obsistere contra. Ergo vivida vis animi pervicit, et extra Processit ...
— The History of Rome (Volumes 1-5) • Theodor Mommsen

... faciebat, etiam dextrario insidens, nisi id manus suorum sitius[6] apprehenderet. Unde et maluit sanctae crucis signorum seriem in corona sua regia situari, quam florum vel foliorum similitudines quasc[u]que, juxta illud sapientis: Corona aurea super caput ejus, expressa signo sanctitatis. &c. Tempestive valde, et quasi in initio divinorum officiorum solebat interesse. Sed et de prolixa protractione divinorum officiorum nusquam fastidium passus erat, quanquam ...
— Henry the Sixth - A Reprint of John Blacman's Memoir with Translation and Notes • John Blacman

... lettered at the back, of all modern bodies of arts and sciences whatsoever, and in what language you please. These you distil in balneo Mariae, infusing quintessence of poppy Q.S., together with three pints of lethe, to be had from the apothecaries. You cleanse away carefully the sordes and caput mortuum, letting all that is volatile evaporate. You preserve only the first running, which is again to be distilled seventeen times, till what remains will amount to about two drams. This you keep in a glass vial hermetically sealed ...
— A Tale of a Tub • Jonathan Swift

... last I managed it and put it so I could squeeze past, but they saw me and jumped up on the running-board of the ambulance, tried to stop the car, all yellin' at once, 'It's no use, the road's blocked both ways. You can't pass. You'd better stay and die with us. Caput.' ...
— One Man's Initiation—1917 • John Dos Passos

... calleth her expresly Deam. Pet. Bembus in his epistles written in Pope Leo 10. name, lib. 8. epist. 17. printed at Strasburg an. 1609. that which is worst of all, in their most approued Bible: they translate Gen. 3. 15. ipsa conteret caput tuum: she shall breake thine head, although (as their owne Iesuit [ae]Ribera confesseth honestly) the Hebrew text, the Chaldee paraphrase, the translation of the Septuagint, and all good Latin copies reade ipse ...
— An Exposition of the Last Psalme • John Boys

... hospitality with which he receives everything that comes his way, his habit of inconsiderate good-nature, of dangerous indifference as to Yea and Nay: alas! there are enough of cases in which he has to atone for these virtues of his!—and as man generally, he becomes far too easily the CAPUT MORTUUM of such virtues. Should one wish love or hatred from him—I mean love and hatred as God, woman, and animal understand them—he will do what he can, and furnish what he can. But one must not be surprised if ...
— Beyond Good and Evil • Friedrich Nietzsche

... kneeling before a terrific dragon or, as the Italians call it, "insect," about the size of a Crystal Palace pleiosaur. This "insect" is supposed to have just had its head badly crushed by St. Anne, who seems to be begging its pardon. The text "Ipsa conteret caput tuum" is written outside the chapel. The figures have no artistic interest. As regards dragons being called insects, the reader may perhaps remember that the island of S. Giulio, in the Lago d'Orta, was infested with insetti, which S. Giulio destroyed, and which appear, in a fresco ...
— The Humour of Homer and Other Essays • Samuel Butler

... [719]Seraphicus, cui dictavit Angelus, &c. What shall become of humanity? Ars stulta, what can she plead? what can her followers say for themselves? Much learning, [720] cere-diminuit-brum, hath cracked their sconce, and taken such root, that tribus Anticyris caput insanabile, hellebore itself can do no good, nor that renowned [721]lantern of Epictetus, by which if any man studied, he should be as wise as he was. But all will not serve; rhetoricians, in ostentationem loquacitatis multa agitant, out of their volubility ...
— The Anatomy of Melancholy • Democritus Junior

... poet's head, in which songs are forged, and gush forth like foaming mead. (2) "Hero's helm-prop," the hero's, man's, head which supports his helm. (3) It is needless to say that this Hall was not Hall of the Side. (4) "Wolf of Gods," the "caput lupinum," the outlaw of heaven, the outcast from Valhalla, Thangbrand. (5) "The other wolf," Gudleif. (6) "Swarthy skarf," the skarf, or "pelecanus carbo", the cormorant. He compares the message of Thorwald to the cormorant skimming over the waves, and says he will never take ...
— Njal's Saga • Unknown Icelanders

... him around the neck and clutched him like a vise, shutting off his last, startled squawk. Then Cap'n Kidd darted forward that knobby head with its ugly beak, and tore off Peter's caput with one ...
— The Skipper and the Skipped - Being the Shore Log of Cap'n Aaron Sproul • Holman Day

... bald-headed man had many reasons to, and had often claimed to be, a friend of mine; but was foolishly sensitive about his lack of hirsute adornment, and said I insulted him by referring to his billiard-ball caput. Truly, gratitude is a lost art, and some friends immediately become enemies when they can secure from you no ...
— The Gentleman from Everywhere • James Henry Foss

... Gubernatoris tantum quam audeo; sed habeo esse cautus, quia Gubernator non amat contradictionem. Fit cereus, si contradicitur. Argui tamen ut obliviscar omnia mea Classica in Germania celerius quam potes dicere "Johannes Robinson;" nam unum caput non potest tenere Graecum, Latinum, Germanum, et Gallicum. Gubernator iracunde respondit ut "meum caput non potest tenere aliquam rem, ut videtur." Hoc est abominabilis libellus ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 93, August 13, 1887 • Various

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