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Distill  v. t.  
To let fall or send down in drops. "Or o'er the glebe distill the kindly rain." "The dew which on the tender grass The evening had distilled."
To obtain by distillation; to subject to a process of evaporation and subsequent condensation; to extract by distillation, as spirits, essential oil, etc.; to rectify; as, to distill brandy from wine; to distill alcoholic spirits from grain; to distill essential oils from flowers, etc.; to distill fresh water from sea water. "Distilling odors on me."
To subject to distillation; as, to distill molasses in making rum; to distill barley, rye, corn, etc.
To dissolve or melt. (R.) "Swords by the lightning's subtle force distilled."
To extract out and present the essence of; to shorten and refine; to present the essential elements of; of ideas or texts.

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"Distill" Quotes from Famous Books

... eye, and frequently he removed it and knelt before it, as did Louis XI before the leaden figures of saints which adorned his hat. He ordered a complete chemical laboratory from Venice, and engaged alchemists to distill the water of immortality, by the help of which he hoped to ascend to the planets and discover the Philosophers' Stone. Not perceiving any practical result of their labours, he ordered the laboratory to be burnt and the alchemists ...

... vernal clouds, Her stately form invested. Hand in hand The immortal pair forsook the enamel'd green, Ascending slowly. Rays of limpid light Gleam'd round their path; celestial sounds were heard, And through the fragrant air ethereal dews Distill'd around them; till at once the clouds, Disparting wide in midway sky, withdrew Their airy veil, and left a bright expanse 440 Of empyrean flame, where, spent and drown'd, Afflicted vision plunged in vain to scan What object it involved. My feeble eyes ...
— Poetical Works of Akenside - [Edited by George Gilfillan] • Mark Akenside

... ounces of fine seed Pearl in distill'd Vinegar, and when it's perfectly dissolved and all taken up, pour the Vinegar into a clean glasse Bason; then drop some few drops of oyl of Tartar upon it, and it will call down the Pearl into the powder; ...
— Customs and Fashions in Old New England • Alice Morse Earle

... speed, And saddled straight his coal-black steed; Down the yawning steep he rode That leads to Hela's[2] drear abode. Him the Dog of Darkness spied; His shaggy throat he open'd wide, While from his jaws, with carnage fill'd, Foam and human gore distill'd: Hoarse he bays with hideous din, Eyes that glow and fangs that grin, 10 And long pursues with fruitless yell The Father of the powerful spell. Onward still his way he takes, —The groaning earth beneath him shakes,— Till full before his ...
— Poetical Works of Johnson, Parnell, Gray, and Smollett - With Memoirs, Critical Dissertations, and Explanatory Notes • Samuel Johnson, Thomas Parnell, Thomas Gray, and Tobias Smollett

... have an arrow steeped In some strange drug whose subtile properties Are such that if the point but prick the skin Death stays there. Like to that fell cruel shaft This slender rhyme was. Through the purple dark Straight home it sped, and into Wyndham's veins Its drop of sudden poison did distill. Now no sound was, save when a dry twig snapped And rustled softly down from branch to branch, Or on its pebbly shoals the meagre brook Made intermittent murmur. "So, 't is he!" Thus Wyndham breathing thickly, with his eyes Dilating in the darkness, ...
— Wyndham Towers • Thomas Bailey Aldrich

... Syr, as it is; for I can make a shifte to dissolve hard mettall into a more liquid substance. A cardeq![147] oh Syr, I can distill this into ...
— A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV. • Editor: A.H. Bullen

... to coin money in a mint; the first to have a standard of weights and measures; the first to have a system of marking time. They had a celestial globe, an observatory, and noted the movements of heavenly bodies more than four thousand years ago. A Chinaman was the first to distill and use intoxicating liquor and for this he was dismissed from the public service by the ruler who said, "This will cost someone a kingdom some day." They are industrious, resourceful and skillful and should ...
— Birdseye Views of Far Lands • James T. Nichols

... likely Negroes, imported from Africa, Cheap for Cash or Credit with Interest; enquire of John Avery at his House, next Door to the white Horse, or at a Store adjoining to said Avery's Distill House, at the South End, near the South Market:—Also if any Persons have any Negroe Men, strong and hearty, tho' not of the best moral character, which are proper Subjects for Transportation, may have ...
— The Olden Time Series: Vol. 2: The Days of the Spinning-Wheel in New England • Various

... doubtfully declare Her alter'd mind and alienated care. When first her fatal image touch'd the ground, She sternly cast her glaring eyes around, That sparkled as they roll'd, and seem'd to threat: Her heav'nly limbs distill'd a briny sweat. Thrice from the ground she leap'd, was seen to wield Her brandish'd lance, and shake her horrid shield. Then Calchas bade our host for flight And hope no conquest from the tedious war, Till first they sail'd for Greece; with pray'rs besought Her injur'd pow'r, and better ...
— The Aeneid • Virgil

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