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Insulate  v. t.  (past & past part. insulated; pres. part. insulating)  
To make an island of. (Obs.)
To place in a detached situation, or in a state having no communication with surrounding objects; to isolate; to separate.
(Elec. & Thermotics) To prevent the transfer of electricity or heat to or from (bodies) by the interposition of nonconductors.
Insulating stool (Elec.), a stool with legs of glass or some other nonconductor of electricity, used for insulating a person or any object placed upon it.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Insulate" Quotes from Famous Books

... rip saw. separatist. V. be disjoined &c.; come off, fall off, come to pieces, fall to pieces; peel off; get loose. disjoin, disconnect, disengage, disunite, dissociate, dispair[obs3]; divorce, part, dispart[obs3], detach, separate, cut off, rescind, segregate; set apart, keep apart; insulate,, isolate; throw out of gear; cut adrift; loose; unloose, undo, unbind, unchain, unlock &c. (fix) 43, unpack, unravel; disentangle; set free &c. (liberate) 750. sunder, divide, subdivide, sever, dissever, abscind[obs3]; circumcise; cut; incide|, incise; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

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