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Involution   Listen
Involution  n.  
The act of involving or infolding.
The state of being entangled or involved; complication; entanglement. "All things are mixed, and causes blended, by mutual involutions."
That in which anything is involved, folded, or wrapped; envelope.
(Gram.) The insertion of one or more clauses between the subject and the verb, in a way that involves or complicates the construction.
(Math.) The act or process of raising a quantity to any power assigned; the multiplication of a quantity into itself a given number of times; the reverse of evolution.
(Geom.) The relation which exists between three or more sets of points, a.a´, b.b´, c.c´, so related to a point O on the line, that the product Oa.Oa´ = Ob.Ob´ = Oc.Oc´ is constant. Sets of lines or surfaces possessing corresponding properties may be in involution.
(Med.) The return of an enlarged part or organ to its normal size, as of the uterus after pregnancy.

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"Involution" Quotes from Famous Books

... therefore I say that when the human seed falls into its receptacle, that is, into the matrix, it bears with it the virtue or power of the generative Soul, and the virtue or power of Heaven, and the virtue or power of the aliments united or bound together, that is the involution or complex nature of the seed. It matures and prepares the material for the formative power or virtue which the generating Soul bestows; and the formative power or virtue prepares the organs for the celestial virtue or power, which produces, from the power of the seed, the Soul in life; which, ...
— The Banquet (Il Convito) • Dante Alighieri

... even the laziest reader will find the synopses of Burton's "partitions" a curious study. It is impossible to be, at least in appearance, more methodical, and all the typographical resources of brackets (sub-bracketed even to the seventh or eighth involution) and of reference letters are exhausted in order to draw up a conspectus of the causes, symptoms, nature, effects, and cure of melancholy. This method is not exactly the method of madness, though it ...
— A History of English Literature - Elizabethan Literature • George Saintsbury

... which any given body of ether can be isolated from the rest. Practical Occultism, however, teaches how this can be done, and thus the tremendous force of etheric pressure can be brought into play. Thirdly, there is a vast store of potential energy which has become dormant in matter during the involution of the subtle into the gross, and by changing the condition of the matter some of this may be liberated and utilized, somewhat as latent energy in the form of heat may be liberated by a change in the condition of visible matter. ...
— The Astral Plane - Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena • C. W. Leadbeater

... being both the first specification of the principle, and ever after its indispensable symbols. First, a single act of self-inquiry will show the impossibility of distinctly conceiving the one without some involution of the other; either time expressed in space, in the form of the mathematical line, or space within time, as in the circle. But to form the first conception of a real thing, we state both as one in the idea, duration. The formula is: (ABBA)(AA) ...
— Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life. • Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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