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Levite  n.  
(Bib. Hist.) One of the tribe or family of Levi; a descendant of Levi; esp., one subordinate to the priests (who were of the same tribe) and employed in various duties connected with the tabernacle first, and afterward the temple, such as the care of the building, bringing of wood and other necessaries for the sacrifices, the music of the services, etc.
A priest; so called in contempt or ridicule.

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"Levite" Quotes from Famous Books

... in that book, whose popularity never wanes, about a certain poor man who took his journey down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and who fell among thieves who robbed him and left him for dead. A priest and a Levite came along and were full of sympathy, and said: "Dear me! I wonder what this road is coming to!" But they had meetings to attend and they passed on. A good Samaritan came along, and he was a real good Samaritan, and when he saw the man lying by the road he jumped ...
— In Times Like These • Nellie L. McClung

... God himself, and the interpreter of the divine will. His like would never appear again in Israel. "He represents the independence of the moral law, as distinct from regal and sacerdotal enactments. If a Levite, he was not a priest. He was a prophet, the first in the regular succession of prophets. He was also the founder of the first regular institutions of religious instruction, and communities for the purposes of education. From ...
— Beacon Lights of History, Volume II • John Lord

... good-Samaritan feeling, can exist without the civility of a call, and, when there is too great a hesitancy on the part of a resident to call upon the newcomer, one is reminded either of the priest or the Levite as they "passed by upon the other side," or is forced to recall the parvenue's dread of losing ...
— Social Life - or, The Manners and Customs of Polite Society • Maud C. Cooke

... her husband; but if they go no further, their sympathy is really false, because it does not share in and feel the state of others, nor seek to alleviate their impending miseries. The home-sympathy is not simply the look of the priest and Levite upon the half-dead traveler, but also the help of the good Samaritan. Its language is not only, "Be ye clothed and fed," but also, "I will clothe and feed thee." The mere indulgence in the feeling of sympathy is but to harden ...
— The Christian Home • Samuel Philips

... the world, I have experienced good offices; and towards the few who, in the hour of my trials and adversities, remained with faces towards me steadfast and unalterable, scorning the fickle who scoffed, and the Levite who passed by on the other side. Of old hath it been said, that a true friend is the medicine of life; and in the day of darkness, when my heart was breaking, and the world with all its concerns ...
— The Life of Mansie Wauch - Tailor in Dalkeith, written by himself • David Macbeth Moir

... had forsaken. He had a co[m]ission from y^e Counsell of New-England, to be generall Gove^r of y^e cuntrie, and they appoynted for his counsell & assistance, Captaine Francis West, y^e aforesaid admirall, Christopher Levite, Esquire, and y^e Gov^r of Plimoth for y^e time beeing, etc. Allso, they gave him authoritie to chuse such other as he should find fit. Allso, they gave (by their co[m]ission) full power to him and his assistants, or any 3. of them, wherof him selfe was allway to be one, ...
— Bradford's History of 'Plimoth Plantation' • William Bradford

... Samaritan did this at considerable personal risk, for he could be by no means sure that the robbers would not return and rob him. Too many men, when they see their neighbours in want, pass by on the other side, as the priest and Levite did. Adversity has been described as "a deep pit, into which a man has fallen, which is surrounded ...
— Studies in the Life of the Christian • Henry T. Sell

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