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Medicament  n.  Anything used for healing diseases or wounds, especially a medicine; a medication; a healing application.

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"Medicament" Quotes from Famous Books

... divers Sea-Fowle tast rank of the Fish on which they ordinarily feed; and Hipocrates himself Observes, that a Child may be purg'd by the Milke of the Nurse, if she have taken Elaterium; which argues that the purging Corpuscles of the Medicament Concurr to make up the Milke of the Nurse; and that white Liquor is generally by Physitians suppos'd to be but blanch'd and alter'd Blood. And I remember I have observ'd, not farr from the Alps, that at a certain ...
— The Sceptical Chymist • Robert Boyle

... represent his District in the Assembly. But it is permitted to us to hope that all crimes, like all arts, are essentially one; that murder, arson and conservatism are but different symptoms of the same physical disorder, back of which is a microbe vincible to a single medicament, albeit the ...
— The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays - 1909 • Ambrose Bierce

... also: "There are people who, however pleasant a medicament may be, feel a repugnance when required to take it, simply from the fact of its being medicine. So also there are souls which conceive an absolute antipathy to anything they are commanded to do, only because they are so commanded." As soon, however, as the love of God is shed forth in the heart ...
— The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales • Jean Pierre Camus

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