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Mitt  n.  
A mitten; also, a covering for the wrist and hand and not for the fingers, usually worn by women.
(Baseball) A large glove, usually made of leather or similar material, with differing degrees of padding and usually some form of webbing in the large space between the thumb insert and the insert for the index finger; a baseball glove. It is used to assist in catching the baseball. The catcher's mitt has more padding and less webbing.
A hand; used mostly in slang expressions; as, keep your mitts off my box of chocolates!

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"Mitt" Quotes from Famous Books

... because it would be for your interest to do so if I hadn't come in here with a better proposition. Now it's for your interest to vote 'em as I tell you. The most they can make out of it is a breach of trust, and that amounts to nothing. With five thousand dollars in your mitt, you wouldn't need to hang around here to take a lot of slurs. I'll slip you another thousand for your expenses on a little trip till ...
— Blow The Man Down - A Romance Of The Coast - 1916 • Holman Day

... his coat and throws it over the heads of the bloodhounds, gives the mitrailleuse a slap with his mitt, says 'Yah!' to the yataghan, and lands in Kid McCoy's best style on the count's left eye. Of course, we have a neat little prize-fight right then and there. The count—in order to make the go possible—seems to ...
— Options • O. Henry

... Ūtgarðaloki: 'vel þykkir mēr Þjālfi ręnna; en eigi trūi ek honum nū at hann vinni leikinn, en nū mun reyna, er þeir ręnna it þriðja skeiðit.' Þā taka þeir ęnn skeið; en er Hugi er kominn til skeiðs ęnda ok snȳsk aptr, ok er [*] Þjālfi eigi þā kominn ā mitt skeiðit; þā sęgja allir at reynt er um þenna leik. Þā spyrr Ūtgarðaloki Þōr, hvat þeira īþrōtta mun vera er hann muni vilja birta fyrir þeim, svā miklar sǫgur sem męnn hafa gǫ̈rt um stōrvirki hans. Þā mælti Þōrr at hęlzt vill hann þat taka til, ...
— An Icelandic Primer - With Grammar, Notes, and Glossary • Henry Sweet

... beside her, and she had been sure then, but had long since grown to doubt the evidence of her senses, that he, too, vibrated with pleasure at the nearness. Was there not a summer morning when his hand touched her white lace mitt as they held the hymn-book together, ...
— Homespun Tales • Kate Douglas Wiggin

... the woodman, if he thought well of it, why, he just dropped the sled-rope without a word, pulled the axe out of the lashing, trudged up the hillside, holding the axe against his shirt underneath his parki, till he reached whatever tree his eye had marked for his own. Off with the fur mitt, and bare hand protected by the inner mitt of wool, he would feel the axe-head, for there was always the danger of using it so cold that the steel would chip and fly. As soon as he could be sure the proper molecular change had been effected, he would take up his awkward attitude before ...
— The Magnetic North • Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)

... across with a speed that made it fairly sizzle, many of the Chester rooters gave a shout of approval. Hutchings, the reliable first baseman of the visitors, had struck vainly at the ball. It was doubtful whether he had really seen it flash past, though it landed with a thud in Mullane's big mitt. ...
— Jack Winters' Baseball Team - Or, The Rivals of the Diamond • Mark Overton

... pitcher as well as a difficult man to handle. It therefore follows that a catcher who cannot throw accurately to the bases becomes a serious disadvantage to his team. In the old days a catcher had to be able to catch either with bare hand or with a light glove, but the modern catcher's mitt, mask, chest-protector, and shin-guards make the position far safer, and almost any boy who is quick and has nerve can be trained to become a fairly good catcher so long as he has a good throw ...
— Outdoor Sports and Games • Claude H. Miller

... sledge, and none too soon, and now had three eggs left, more or less whole. Both mine had burst in my mitts: the first I emptied out, the second I left in my mitt to put into the cooker; it never got there, but on the return journey I had my mitts far more easily thawed out than Birdie's (Bill had none) and I believe the grease in the egg did them good. When we got into the hollows under the ridge where we had to cross, it was too dark ...
— The Worst Journey in the World, Volumes 1 and 2 - Antarctic 1910-1913 • Apsley Cherry-Garrard

... I made the horrible discovery that I had been using my buckshot on the ducks and my birdshot on the deer. I can see how the deer got away, but I'll say one thing, and that is, that if a passing duck had ever reached his mitt out for one of those buckshot he would have thought Rusie was doing the pitching. He would have got it fine ...
— Billy Baxter's Letters • William J. Kountz, Jr.

... across the fence; "I'm earning me a baseball mask. I done already earnt me a mitt. My mama don't never make me promise her nothing, she just pays me to be good. That's huccome I'm 'bout to get 'ligion and go to the mourner's bench. She's gone up town now and if I don't go outside the yard while she's gone, she's going to gimme a baseball mask. You got a ball what ...
— Miss Minerva and William Green Hill • Frances Boyd Calhoun

... one searching glance. Then he called all the candidates in to the plate, and ordered Dean, the stocky little catcher, to don his breast-protector, mask, and mitt. ...
— The Young Pitcher • Zane Grey

... Crowley, our pinch artist, nabbed him and bawled out Elsham, who was weeping in the cab. Crowley and Elsham work well together. You understand that if she goes to the woods Crowley must go along on the side. They won't appear as knowing each other. But Crowley may be called on to shove his mitt between ...
— Joan of Arc of the North Woods • Holman Day

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