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Motion picture  n.  
A series of pictures on a strip of film, taken at regular intervals in rapid succession (now usually 24 frames per second for ordinary work) by a special camera, intended to capture the image of objects in motion.
The display of the images captured on a motion picture (1), presented to the eye in very rapid succession by projection from a special apparatus (a movie projector), with shows some or all of the objects in the picture represented in changing positions, producing, by persistence of vision, the optical effect of a continuous picture in which the objects appear to move as they did in the original scene.
Synonyms: movie, moving picture, flick.
The conceptual or informational content of a motion picture (1); the actions or events represented in a motion picture (1); the story line of a movie. "One of the great punch lines in motion picture history is 'Round up the usual suspects.' from 'Casablanca'."

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"Motion picture" Quotes from Famous Books

... immensely. She even smiled during the drive to Willing Square—a winning, gracious smile that would have caused her to be instantly recognized in almost any community of our vast country; for this beautiful young girl was a famous motion picture actress, possessing qualities that had endeared her to every patron of the better ...
— Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross • Edith Van Dyne

... was happily portrayed by a motion picture I recently saw. Old Grouchy Moneybags, wealthy beyond measure and afflicted with gout, is seated at his breakfast table. In the next room, seen with the all-seeing eye of the movie, the butler makes love to the very willing maid. In the kitchen the fat cook is feeding ...
— The Nervous Housewife • Abraham Myerson

... romance, no matter how big the blaze or who was burned. At the time he considered that his thoughts were unselfishly of her; in a later perspective he knew that she had meant no more than the white screen in a motion picture: it was just ...
— Flappers and Philosophers • F. Scott Fitzgerald

... six-weeks' theatrical engagement. For the rights to the story of his life a single newspaper was willing to give him the equivalent of thirty-three years. He would have to live to be over three hundred years of age to earn at the old farm wage the sum motion picture companies offered, as ...
— Sergeant York And His People • Sam Cowan

... it that in all the novels and motion picture plays the vampires and adventuresses have dark hair and black eyes, while the innocent, persecuted angels are all blondes—whereas in real life it is ...
— A Guide to Men - Being Encore Reflections of a Bachelor Girl • Helen Rowland

... stockings that were visible to the knees, and high gray shoes that yawned rather shamelessly at the top despite the wearer's doughtiest struggle with the laces. Her gloves, also were somewhat over-crowded. She gave her name as Mrs. Elsie Broderick Morton, married; occupation, ticket seller in a motion picture theater. ...
— Yollop • George Barr McCutcheon

... up the back stairs. Norah, if the children had stopped long enough to hear, would have told them that she had hurried home to start supper after seeing the "episode" of the serial picture she was interested in at the motion picture house. ...
— Four Little Blossoms and Their Winter Fun • Mabel C. Hawley

... to a spirit of banter," he declared, "though I admit that the so-called art of the motion picture is not to be regarded too seriously. It was not like that in my day. Then an actor had to be an artist; there was no position for the little he-doll whippersnapper who draws the big money to-day and is ignorant of even the rudiments of the ...
— Merton of the Movies • Harry Leon Wilson

... came a picture most terrifying to me. It was as if my mother-in-law and I were spectators of a series of motion picture films. Toward the table, where Dicky stood surrounded by his friends, there sauntered the mysterious stranger, who had attracted my mother-in-law's attention ...
— Revelations of a Wife - The Story of a Honeymoon • Adele Garrison

... the bill boards with the injunction to save, the National Committee hit upon what came to be the most popular medium for disseminating the Gospel of Thrift. It enlisted the movies. A film called "For the Empire" was made by a number of well known motion picture actors and actresses who gave their services ...
— The War After the War • Isaac Frederick Marcosson

... telephone, he heard Claire's voice in an agitated, "Milt! Meet me down-town, at the Imperial Motion Picture Theater, right away. Something I've got to tell you. I'll ...
— Free Air • Sinclair Lewis

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