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Nub  n.  A jag, or snag; a knob; a protuberance; also, the point or gist, as of a story. (Colloq.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Nub" Quotes from Famous Books

... the floor again. "Here's the nub of it. A man's a slave so long as his means of livelihood is dependent on some other man. I don't care whether it's lands or railroads or mines. Abolish private property and ...
— The Vision Spendid • William MacLeod Raine

... carrying on with her remarks, and as I listened I clenched my fists till I shouldn't wonder if the knuckles didn't stand out white under the strain. It seemed as if she would never get to the nub. ...
— Right Ho, Jeeves • P. G. Wodehouse

... matters, while he rightly believed that her mind would be expanded by visiting the strange and interesting scenes to which during the voyage he hoped to introduce her. "As for needle-work and embroidery, why, Jacob and I can teach you as well as can most women; and our black fellow Nub will cut out your dresses with all the skill and taste of a practised mantua-maker," he had said when talking to Alice on the subject ...
— The South Sea Whaler • W.H.G. Kingston

... 'goo' is awful childish, and she is at him all the time to say 'Daddy-dinger,' but he never lets on he hears her. Say, doctor"—Pearlie's face was troubled—"what do you think of his looks? Just between ourselves. Hasn't he a fine little nub of a nose? Do you see anything about him to ...
— Sowing Seeds in Danny • Nellie L. McClung

... the reporters who hunted up this thing haven't overlooked any bets," said Brennan. "They knew that the signature was the nub of the whole thing and if there was anything phony about the paper they'd have got ...
— Baseball Joe Around the World - Pitching on a Grand Tour • Lester Chadwick

... "The immigration of Joseph into Egypt was about 1730 B.C., near the time of the reign of the Hyksos King, Nub." Egypt Under the Pharaohs. London, ...
— Scarabs • Isaac Myer

... "Ole Bull," young Howard, one of the most scientific crucifiers of the violin we ever heard, gave us a call t'other day, and not only discoursed heavenly music upon his instrument, but gave us the "nub" of a few jokes worth dishing up in our peculiar style. Howard spent last winter in a tour over the State of Maine and Canada. During this cool excursion, he got way up among the wood-choppers and log-men of the ...
— The Humors of Falconbridge - A Collection of Humorous and Every Day Scenes • Jonathan F. Kelley

... of a "nub" of pop-corn, firmly impaled on the spindle, together with a few loose grains scattered on the ground right beneath it. The nooses should be arranged around the bait so as to touch or overlap each other, and the bait stick introduced into the hole a little more firmly than when set with ...
— Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making • William Hamilton Gibson

... region spoken of in two stel, those of Radesiyyah and Kuban, describing the supply of drinking-water introduced into the desert between Kuban and the Red Sea. Chabas[EN41] has published a coloured facsimile of this map: the gold-containing mountains are tinted red, and the words "Tu en nub" (Mons aureus) are written over ...
— The Land of Midian, Vol. 1 • Richard Burton

... being in a cartouche. If this reads ka-ra, it may be conceivably En-ka-ra of the VIIIth dynasty (though I do not think this likely), or, as Professor Sayce suggests, Manetho's [Greek: Chaires] of the IInd. The first column seems to give the Hor.nub name of the king ...
— El Kab • J.E. Quibell

... said, "you will know whether this is the handwriting or not. You know it is the handwriting. Now if you will listen, you will know that this must be the list of statistics which was to be the 'nub' of your great effort, and the accompanying blast the beginning of the burst of eloquence which was continued on the next page—and you will recognize that there was where ...
— The Gilded Age, Complete • Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner

... was Grant's turn to say something, he found too much of his concentration on her challenging brown eyes and the efficient down-sweep of her half-pouting mouth, plus a nub of a nose that pointed proudly upwards with the tilt of her head. In a temporary defensive maneuver, Grant took the ...
— A Fine Fix • R. C. Noll

Words linked to "Nub" :   pith, hump, heart and soul, centre, center, excrescence, mental object, jut, heart, protuberance, piece, gist, hypostasis, protrusion, nitty-gritty, gibbousness, essence, meat, stub, part, quintessence, quiddity, sum, gibbosity, nubbin, extrusion

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