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Percomorphi  n. pl.  (Zool.) A division of fishes including the perches and related kinds.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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Words linked to "Percomorphi" :   Centrarchidae, family Serranidae, family Priacanthidae, Percidae, percoid fish, Esocidae, Opisthognathidae, Acanthuridae, freshwater bream, family Sciaenidae, family Lobotidae, Ephippidae, family Callionymidae, family Centropomidae, family Trichiuridae, Haemulidae, Gerridae, family Apogonidae, Ammodytidae, Rachycentridae, Centropomidae, family Branchiostegidae, family Opisthognathidae, family Percidae, Mugiloidea, family Mullidae, family Trichodontidae, percoidean, Carangidae, family Labridae, Uranoscopidae, Lutjanidae, Percoidea, family Anabantidae, Brotulidae, Sciaenidae, family Bramidae, Serranidae, family Gempylidae, family Coryphaenidae, family Ammodytidae, suborder Blennioidea, family Carangidae, Kyphosidae, perch, Apogonidae, Carapidae, Microdesmidae, family Percophidae, family Kyphosidae, family Embiotocidae, Perciformes, Mullidae, order Percomorphi, Trichodontidae, family Centrarchidae, suborder Mugiloidea, superorder Acanthopterygii, Scaridae, family Lutjanidae, suborder Scombroidea, animal order, Percophidae, bream, Gerreidae, family Gerridae, family Ephippidae, family Malacanthidae, order Perciformes, family Esocidae, Anabantidae, family Chaetodontidae, Polynemidae, Priacanthidae, Gobiesocidae, Labridae, family Sparidae, Lobotidae, Eleotridae, family Uranoscopidae, sea bream, family Toxotidae, suborder Percoidea, Toxotidae, Pomatomidae, Chaetodontidae, family Ophidiidae, family Microdesmidae, percoid, family Gerreidae, family Gobiesocidae, Branchiostegidae, Embiotocidae, Trichiuridae, Scombroidea, Acanthopterygii, family Pomatomidae, family Haemulidae, family Brotulidae, family Acanthuridae, Gempylidae, Gobiidae

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