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Sinus  n.  (pl. L. sinus, E. sinuses)  
An opening; a hollow; a bending.
A bay of the sea; a recess in the shore.
(Anat. & Zool.) A cavity; a depression. Specifically:
A cavity in a bone or other part, either closed or with a narrow opening.
A dilated vessel or canal.
(Med.) A narrow, elongated cavity, in which pus is collected; an elongated abscess with only a small orifice.
(Bot.) A depression between adjoining lobes. Note: A sinus may be rounded, as in the leaf of the white oak, or acute, as in that of the red maple.
Pallial sinus. (Zool.) See under Pallial.
Sinus venosus. (Anat.)
The main part of the cavity of the right auricle of the heart in the higher vertebrates.
In the lower vertebrates, a distinct chamber of the heart formed by the union of the large systematic veins and opening into the auricle.

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... be contended with are that the ethmoid cells may be mistaken for the sphenoids; that we may go too low and enter the pons and medulla; that, laterally, we may enter the cavernous sinus, and above, that we may ...
— Under the Country Sky • Grace S. Richmond

... waves may be, the law holds good that the motion of every particle of the water is the algebraic sum of all the motions imparted to it. If crest coincide with crest and furrow with furrow, the wave is lifted to a double height above its sinus; if furrow coincide with crest, the motions are in opposition and their sum is zero. We have then still water. This action of wave upon wave is technically called interference, ...
— Six Lectures on Light - Delivered In The United States In 1872-1873 • John Tyndall

... Phyllis was none the less profoundly unhappy, and it took a whole convoy of wounded to restore her to cheerfulness. You can't attend to a poor brave devil grinning with pain, while a surgeon pokes a six-inch probe down a sinus in search of bits of bone or shrapnel, and be acutely conscious of your own two-penny-half-penny little miseries. Many a heartache, in this wise, has been cured in ...
— The Red Planet • William J. Locke

... a shout from Jesse informed them that he had another catfish on his throw line, and soon he had it flopping on the sand. He killed it stone dead by thrusting a stiff straw back into the brain through the "little hole in its face," as he called the sinus which leads into the ...
— The Young Alaskans on the Missouri • Emerson Hough

... longe nimbosa sororis Astra fugate, precor, totoque excludite caelo. Vos quoque caeruleum ponti, Nereides, agmen Quis honor ei regni cessit fortuna secundi, Dicere quae magni fas sit mihi sidera ponti, 15 Surgite de vitreis spumosae Doridos antris Baianosque sinus et feta tepentibus undis Litora tranquillo certatim ambite natatu, Quaerentes ubi celsa ratis, quam scandere gaudet Nobilis Ausoniae Celer armipotentis ...
— Helps to Latin Translation at Sight • Edmund Luce

... nearly central; hinge sunk, with an antiquated area and one ? or two ? large teeth in each valve; ligament external, large; impressions of the abducter muscles strong, nearly equal, united by the impression of the mantle, at the posterior extremity of which is a small shallow sinus; no lunette. ...
— Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 1 (of 2) • Thomas Mitchell

... when that Sinus and Orion come To middle heaven, and when Aurora—she O' the rosy fingers—looks inquiringly Full on Arcturus, straightway gather home The general vintage. And, I charge you, see All, in the sun and open air, outlaid Ten days and nights, and five days in the shade. ...
— The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2) • Frederic G. Kenyon

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