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Sizzle  v. i.  (past & past part. sizzled; pres. part. sizzling)  To make a hissing sound; to fry, or to dry and shrivel up, with a hissing sound. (Prov. Eng. & Colloq. U. S.)

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"Sizzle" Quotes from Famous Books

... the mere thought that we can answer to God, in the end, for our lives, no matter how raw and rude they may have been. And there are mornings when I am Browning's "Saul" in the flesh. The great wash of air from sky-line to sky-line puts something into my blood or brain that leaves me almost dizzy. I sizzle! It makes me pulse and tingle and cry out that life is good—good! I suppose it is nothing more than altitude and ozone. But in the matter of intoxicants it stands on a par with anything that was ever poured out of bottles at Martin's or Bustanoby's. And at sunrise, when the prairie is thinly ...
— The Prairie Wife • Arthur Stringer

... think ye kin?" asked the man. But Joel was already halfway up. And presently the first pail of water was handed up, and splash it went on the flames, by this time coming out very lively at the chimney-top. But it didn't seem to do any good, only to sizzle and siss, for just as soon as a pailful of water was dashed on, out they popped again, as bright as ever. A boy, coming whistling down the road, stopped suddenly, took one look, and ran like lightning over across the fields on a short cut. "Fire—fire!" he screamed, ...
— The Adventures of Joel Pepper • Margaret Sidney

... case of all, the angel who koepenicked King Robert of Sicily with such brilliant results. Just imagine what an advantage it would be to have angels deputizing, to use a horrible but convenient word, for Quinston and Lord Hugo Sizzle, for example. How much smoother the Parliamentary machine would work than ...
— The Chronicles of Clovis • Saki

... might have dismayed the waiting throng. Whenever a snake's head came in contact with one wire, while his tail touched the other, he gave a spasmodic leap and fell back dead. If he happened to fall across the wires, lie immediately began to sizzle, a cloud of smoke arose, and lie was reduced to ashes. "Any time that we are short of mastodon or other good game," said Ayrault, "we need not hunger if we are not above grilled snake." All laughed at this, and Bearwarden, drawing a whiskey-flask from his pocket, ...
— A Journey in Other Worlds • J. J. Astor

... Strand" came wandering out of the past, out of the kitchen, joining with the sizzle of the cooking and ...
— The Soldier of the Valley • Nelson Lloyd

... this shall be my knell, be my knell; And this shall be my knell—my knell. And this shall be my knell: 'Sam, I hope you go to hell, Sam, I hope you sizzle ...
— Trailin'! • Max Brand

... the Rabbit is served, the better. You can sizzle the top with a salamander or other branding iron, but in any case set it forth as nearly sizzling as possible, on toast hellishly hot, whether it's browned or buttered on one side ...
— The Complete Book of Cheese • Robert Carlton Brown

... next week," said Nat, "and uncle said we could go down to the shore again, and take our fire-crackers! It will be such fun to stick them in rows in the sand and make them sizzle—more fun even than Owls! Don't you think so, Dodo?" he ...
— Citizen Bird • Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues

... spoke to him with respect, younger ones approached him with admiration, unable to understand what kind of a safety-valve a man had on his mouth that would keep his steam in when that Misery booze began to sizzle in his pipes. His horse was a subject of interest ...
— The Duke Of Chimney Butte • G. W. Ogden

... employer's face. He sat, then, gazing into the rosy little fire until something upon the lapel of his coat caught his attention—a wilted and disreputable carnation. He threw it into the fire; and, with a sombre satisfaction, watched it sizzle. This brief pleasure ended, he became expressionless ...
— Harlequin and Columbine • Booth Tarkington

... Long Brown and the creek. Even Long Brown's nerve was not equal to facing a ton of Grizzly headed toward him in a whirlwind of flame. He turned and dove into the pool. That was Old Brin's destination also, and he followed Long Brown with a great splash and a distinct sizzle. Brown swam under water down stream, and the bear went straight across, up the opposite bank and into ...
— Bears I Have Met—and Others • Allen Kelly

... he said, "Nothing,—there's certainly a lot of snow on the roof of that woodshed, and there isn't any on the old man's cabin. How come?" Then he socked a stump with his stick, and came lickety-sizzle to the door, opened it for me to go in with the pail ...
— Shenanigans at Sugar Creek • Paul Hutchens

... Lamb, which, I am told, is known by children over pretty much all the western world. It needed only a trip to the Public Library. Any attendant would direct me to the proper shelf. Yet once in the building, my courage oozed. My question, though serious, seemed too ridiculous to be asked. I would sizzle as I met the attendant's eye. Of a consequence, I fumbled on my own devices, possibly to the increase of my general knowledge, but without ...
— There's Pippins And Cheese To Come • Charles S. Brooks

... you're not heating branding-irons, mister man," she added. "You'll burn all the hair off, if you let the tongs get red-hot. Just so they'll sizzle; I've told you five times already." She picked up the Kid, kissed many times the finger he held up for sympathy—the finger with which he had touched the tongs as Pink was putting them back into the grate of the kitchen stove, and spoke again to ease her conscience. "I think it's awfully ...
— Flying U Ranch • B. M. Bower

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