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Smasher   Listen
Smasher  n.  
One who, or that which, smashes or breaks things to pieces.
Anything very large or extraordinary. (Slang)
One who passes counterfeit coin. (Cant, Eng.)

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"Smasher" Quotes from Famous Books

... past the press had discussed little but the coming boxing contest between Smasher Mike and the famous heavy-weight champion, Mauler Mills, for a purse of L20,000 and enormous side stakes. Photographs of the Mauler in every conceivable attitude had been published daily, together with portraits of his wife, his two ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, August 26th, 1914 • Various

... Billy scornfully, "that's his first pair of boots; see him pull up his little breeches to show the red tops to them! But, crackey! isn't she a smasher!" ...
— A Brace Of Boys - 1867, From "Little Brother" • Fitz Hugh Ludlow

... charitable designs on our hero were, however, frustrated by the opportune appearance of Mr. Blades and Mr. Cheke, the gentleman- commoner of Corpus, who, in their turn, were closely followed by Mr. Smalls and Mr. Flexible Shanks; and Mr. Blades exclaiming, "There's a smasher for your ivories, my fine fellow!" followed up his remark with a practical application of his fist to the part referred to; whereupon the Bargee fell back with a howl, and gave vent to several ...
— The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green • Cuthbert Bede

... papers as usual and sold them. But it seemed considerably harder work, for the money, than carrying bundles. However, Ben foresaw that in order to become a "baggage-smasher" (for this is the technical term by which the boys and men are known, who wait around the ferries and railway depots for a chance to carry baggage, though I have preferred to use the term luggage boy), it would be necessary to know more about localities ...
— Ben, the Luggage Boy; - or, Among the Wharves • Horatio Alger

... Morning News. There budded a friendship between that trio that we full believe shall blossom into ripe fraternal love on a shore as yet unknown to Mr. Ward and the writer. Mr. Brann was editor of the ICONOCLAST, and as its name indicates it is a smasher of idols from Tadmor in the Wilderness to the mountains of Hepsedam. Scorning the sensual, always against the vulgar, in much the same manner as Carlyle, Brann stuck the gaffles of truth deep into the sides of wrong in high places, and exposed rottenness wherever found. With ...
— Volume 12 of Brann The Iconoclast • William Cowper Brann

... the Green Box sufficed to themselves, and held aloof from the rest of the world, and because Tom-Jim-Jack, this leader of the mob, seemed a sort of supreme bully, without a tie, without a friend; a smasher of windows, a manager of men, now here, now gone, hail-fellow-well-met with every ...
— The Man Who Laughs • Victor Hugo

... after him with disgust. "Do you believe him? I don't think he's any such heart-smasher. I like his nerve, calling you 'Leftenant'! When he speaks to me he'll have to say Lootenant, or I'll ...
— One of Ours • Willa Cather

... little, and said, "Well, have we captured any more bandits? By George, I'd hate to be one and run across you, young lady. I had the honor of repairing the damage you did to 'em; and I will say, you are so-ome bone smasher!" ...
— Skyrider • B. M. Bower

... you drove your aunt to despair, you went off, it is easily guessed, to lead a bachelor life; it's more convenient, to play the dandy, to come in at all hours, to amuse yourself; you have given me no signs of life, you have contracted debts without even telling me to pay them, you have become a smasher of windows and a blusterer, and, at the end of four years, you come to me, and that is all you ...
— Les Miserables - Complete in Five Volumes • Victor Hugo

... than when nearly a year before he entered the city, and more confident of rubbing along somehow. If he could not sell papers, he could black boots. If wholly without capital, he could haunt the neighborhood of the piers, and seek employment as a baggage-smasher. ...
— The Young Outlaw - or, Adrift in the Streets • Horatio Alger

... left in charge of the stand, and realized that it was his own, he felt a degree of satisfaction which can be imagined. He had been a newsboy, a baggage-smasher, and in fact had pretty much gone the round of the street trades, but now he felt that he had advanced one step higher. Some of my readers may not appreciate the difference, but to Paul it was a great one. He was not a merchant prince, to be sure, but he had a fixed place of business, and with ...
— Paul the Peddler - The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant • Horatio Alger, Jr.

... issue of 'The Star', Ballaarat, October 6th, 1855, how a well-known digger and now a J.P., did, in a 'Ballaarat smasher,' toast the good exit of a successful money-maker—an active, wide-awake man of business certainly, but nothing else to the diggers of Ballaarat—'Cela n'est pas ...
— The Eureka Stockade • Carboni Raffaello

... of those sad days, as for telling how wofully untrue Professors of Temperance were to their principles, how the Apostle of Total Abstinence developed a brandy-flask, not altogether new, what unsuccessful tipplings were attempted in the desperation of nausea, and for what lady that stunning brandy-smasher was mixed,—as for such tales out of school, I would have you know that I am not ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Volume 3, No. 19, May, 1859 • Various

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