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Souse  v. t.  (past & past part. soused; pres. part. sousing)  
To steep in pickle; to pickle. "A soused gurnet."
To plunge or immerse in water or any liquid. "They soused me over head and ears in water."
To drench, as by an immersion; to wet throughly. "Although I be well soused in this shower."

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Souse" Quotes from Famous Books

... Josephine St. Michael, if I read that lady at all right. She didn't know what I did about Hortense. She hadn't overheard Sophistication confessing amorous curiosity about Innocence; but the old Kings Port lady's sound instinct would tell her that a souse in the water wasn't likely to be enough to wash away the seasoning of a lifetime; and she would wait, as I should, for the day when Hortense, having had her taste of John's innocence, and having grown used to the souse ...
— Lady Baltimore • Owen Wister

... that I was suddenly recalled to famine by a cold souse of rain, and sprang shivering to my feet. For a moment I stood bewildered: the whole train of my reasoning and dreaming passed afresh through my mind; I was again tempted, drawn as if with cords, by the image of the ...
— The Wrecker • Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

... miscellaneous dress? Though there's but one of the dull works he wrote, There's ten editions of his old lac'd coat. These, nature's commoners, who want a home, Claim the wide world for their majestic dome; They make a private study of the street; And, looking full on every man they meet, Run souse against his chaps; who stands amaz'd To find they did not see, but only gaz'd. How must these bards be rapt into the skies! you need not read, you feel their ecstasies. Will they persist? 'Tis Madness; Lintot, run, See them confin'd—"O that's already done." Most, as ...
— The Poetical Works of Edward Young, Volume 2 • Edward Young

... should startle you," he said; "and do you know, you looked so busy that I hoped it would have fallen souse on your heads before you were aware of it. What was the Master ...
— Bride of Lammermoor • Sir Walter Scott

... he lives in a very large house, There would then not be room in it left for a mouse; But the squire is too wise, he will not take a souse. ...
— Poems (Volume II.) • Jonathan Swift

... this? This ain't business. I was a damn fool and I'm doin' time like any souse what the bulls pinch. Only I get more than thirty days, I do. That's what's killin' me, Doc!—Duck Werner in a tin lid, suckin' soup an' shootin' Fritzies when I oughter be in Noo York with me fren's lookin' after business. Can you beat it?" ...
— Barbarians • Robert W. Chambers

... long before the police arrived, and Muffet had regained some measure of his accustomed presence of mind. "Oh, we simply manned the saw-mill hose," said he, in complacent acknowledgment of the congratulation of the staff officials first to meet him. "It didn't take long to souse ...
— Under Fire • Charles King

... eliminate. It is the diabolically clever criticism upon Montgomery. One would have wished to think that Macaulay's heart was too kind, and his soul too gentle, to pen so bitter an attack. Bad work will sink of its own weight. It is not necessary to souse the author as well. One would think more highly of the man if he had not done ...
— Through the Magic Door • Arthur Conan Doyle

... his hand. "I'll make a will and leave it in trust for charity," he said, "with your firm as trustee. And forget the titles. I'm nobody, now, but ex-cow hand, ex-gunman, once known as Louisiana, and soon to be known no more except as a drunken souse. So long!" ...
— Louisiana Lou • William West Winter

... make other souse-drink of whey and salt beaten together, it will make your brawn look more ...
— The accomplisht cook - or, The art & mystery of cookery • Robert May

... chair, its feet upon the corner of the desk. "Ain't said so much as 'Boo' for up'ards of twenty minutes, has he? I was in there just now fillin' up his ink-stand and, by crimus, I let a great big gob of ink come down ker-souse right in the middle of the nice, clean blottin' paper in front of him. I held my breath, cal'latin' to catch what Stephen Peter used to say he caught when he went fishin' Sundays. Stevey said he generally caught cold when he went and always ...
— The Portygee • Joseph Crosby Lincoln

... dis yer ain' gwineter hu't you. Hit ain' nuttin but ker'sene oil nohow. Miss Sally Burwell des let me souse her haid in it de udder day. Hit'll keep you f'om gittin' ...
— The Voice of the People • Ellen Glasgow

... observed Ramani Babu; "drag him outside and souse him with water until he comes to." The command was obeyed, and when Sadhu was able to sit up he was brought back to the dreaded presence. Again his arrears of rent were demanded, and once more he feebly protested that he could not discharge them. Thereon Ramani Babu ...
— Tales of Bengal • S. B. Banerjea

... angrily; "waited for you three days, dressed a breast o' mutton o' purpose; got in a lobster, and two crabs; all spoilt by keeping; stink already; weather quite muggy, forced to souse 'em in vinegar; one expense brings on another; never begin the ...
— Cecilia vol. 2 - Memoirs of an Heiress • Frances (Fanny) Burney (Madame d'Arblay)

... better farmer in Pleasant Valley than she. Then the winter closed in, early in those rather high latitudes; and pork-killing time came, when for some time nothing was even thought of in the house but pork in its various forms,—lard, sausage, bacon, and hams, with extras of souse and headcheese. Snow had fallen already; and winter was setting in betimes, the ...
— Diana • Susan Warner

... aside— So nimbly slipp'd, that the vain nobber pass'd Through empty air; and He, so high, so vast, Who dealt the stroke, came thundering to the ground!— Not B-ck—gh-m himself, with balkier sound, Uprooted from the field of Whiggist glories, Fell souse, of late, among the astonish'd Tories! Instant the ring was broke, and shouts and yells From Trojan Flashmen and Sicilian Swells Fill'd the wide heaven—while, touch'd with grief to see His pall, well-known through many a lark and spree, [8] Thus rumly floor'd, ...
— Musa Pedestris - Three Centuries of Canting Songs - and Slang Rhymes [1536 - 1896] • John S. Farmer

... with the flight engineer being a souse and the pilot new to the crew and the co-pilot just back after a two-month layoff because of a ski accident. 'Human error,' ...
— The Last Straw • William J. Smith

... down the stairs and examined the barge; First the stem he surveyed, then inspected the stern, Then handled the tiller, and looked mighty wise; But he made a false step when about to return, And souse in the ...
— A Book About Lawyers • John Cordy Jeaffreson

... I do," Billy answered, stooping to souse a fish in the stream beside which he was kneeling. "But there's the 'Protest' you know,—there's a lot to do! And we'll come back here, every year. We'll work like mad for eleven months, and then come up ...
— Saturday's Child • Kathleen Norris

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