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Spang  v. i.  To spring; to bound; to leap. (Scot.) "But when they spang o'er reason's fence, We smart for't at our own expense."

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"Spang" Quotes from Famous Books

... a leetle extry good, as ye might say,' said Uncle Eb, groping in his big carpet-bag. 'Hope, she's terrible proud, an' if they should hev a leetle fiddlin' an' dancin' some night we'd want t' be as stylish as any on em. B'lieve I'll go'n git me a spang, bran' new suit, anyway, 'fore we go ...
— Eben Holden - A Tale of the North Country • Irving Bacheller

... they shall, This molehill isle, that little England hight, With London, that proud paltry market-town, And take those dames, Love, Lucre, Conscience, Prisoners, to use or force, as pleaseth them. The first (now quake) is Spanish Majesty, That for his impress gives Queen Juno's bird, Whose train is spang'd with Argus' hundred eyes; The Queen of Gods scorns not to grace him so: His word is Nonpareil, none his like; Yet is his page or henchman Modesty, Lucre the lady that shall be his prize: And in his pendant on his lance's point Sur le Ciel ...
— A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VI • Robert Dodsley

... spang cockle, my lord?" said the Prince, placing a nut on the second joint of his forefinger, and spinning it off by a smart application of the thumb. The nut struck on Douglas's broad breast, who burst ...
— The Fair Maid of Perth • Sir Walter Scott

... he, 'it's only a matter of two hundred acres or thereabouts, and it cuts right spang ...
— Mingo - And Other Sketches in Black and White • Joel Chandler Harris

... right, Henry," said Shif'less Sol. "Ez for me I don't care how fur north this chase takes us, even ef we come right spang up ag'in' the Great Lakes. I want to see them five wonders o' the world that ...
— The Border Watch - A Story of the Great Chief's Last Stand • Joseph A. Altsheler

... "I take my hat off to the man that can write a good ad," he said, emphatically. "The best writin' talent in this country is right spang in the ad business to-day. You buy a magazine for good writin'—look on the back of it! Let me tell you I pay money for that kind o' writin'. Maybe you think it's easy. Just try it! I've tried it, and I can't do it. I tell you an ad's got to be written so it makes ...
— The Turmoil - A Novel • Booth Tarkington

... refined in speech and manner as any man you'd find in a thousand. He is a good speaker, can stir a political convention to fomentation when he gets fired up; and can write an article for the press that goes spang to the spot. He gets into a great many personal encounters of a rather undignified character; but they are almost invariably bred of his innate interest in the 'under dog,' and the fire and tow ...
— Pipes O'Pan at Zekesbury • James Whitcomb Riley

... dem chickens dis mawnin? Who dat knockin' out fokes's eyes wid dat Yallerbammer sling des 'fo' dinner? Who dat sickin' dat pinter puppy atter my pig? Who dat scatterin' my ingun sets? Who dat flingin' rocks on top er my house, w'ich a little mo' en one un em would er drap spang on my head?" ...
— Uncle Remus • Joel Chandler Harris

... hyer, Marse Champe," he said dreamily. "Dey's gwine right spang over dar whar de sun done ...
— The Battle Ground • Ellen Glasgow

... was mine, and Mary always made a dream of beauty out of it. She scorned "fatiguer la laitue" as the French do. Instead she kept it in a bowl of water until thoroughly "awake," as she called it. Then carefully examining each leaf separately, she tied them in a wet cloth and laid them "spang on the ice," which course of treatment rendered them so crisp that to cut them with a sharp salad-fork was always to get a little dressing splashed in one's eye. Furthermore she arranged them in the best cut-glass dish in symmetrical rows with the scarlet tomatoes tucked invitingly ...
— At Home with the Jardines • Lilian Bell

... Rorie an' me, and a' thae braws in the inside of her. There's a kittle bit, ye see, about Sandag; whiles the sook rins strong for the Merry Men; an' whiles again, when the tide's makin' hard an' ye can hear the Roost blawin' at the far-end of Aros, there comes a back-spang of current straucht into Sandag Bay. Weel, there's the thing that got the grip on the Christ-Anna. She but to have come in ram-stam an' stern forrit; for the bows of her are aften under, and the back-side of her is clear at hie-water o' neaps. But, man! the dunt that she cam doon wi' when she ...
— The Merry Men - and Other Tales and Fables • Robert Louis Stevenson

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