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Surcharge  n.  
An overcharge; an excessive load or burden; a load greater than can well be borne. "A numerous nobility causeth poverty and inconvenience in a state, for it is surcharge of expense."
The putting, by a commoner, of more beasts on the common than he has a right to.
(Equity) The showing an omission, as in an account, for which credit ought to have been given.
(Railroads) A charge over the usual or legal rates.
Something printed or written on a postage stamp to give it a new legal effect, as a new valuation, a place, a date, etc.; also (Colloq.), a stamp with a surcharge.

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"Surcharge" Quotes from Famous Books

... pale they look, how wretchedly, With Yesterday's Surcharge disturb'd they be! Nor Body only suff'ring, but the Mind, That nobler Part, dull'd and depress'd we find. Drowsie and unapt for Business, and other nobler Parts ...
— Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets • John Evelyn

... tendency to multiply offices and dependencies and to increase expense to the ultimate term of burthen which the citizen can bear, it behooves us to avail ourselves of every occasion which presents itself for taking off the surcharge, that it never may be seen here that after leaving to labor the smallest portion of its earnings on which it can subsist, Government shall itself consume the whole residue of what it was instituted ...
— Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present • Various

... was secretly ill-disposed and angry, was eager to crush him. It only wanted pretexts; he furnished it with motives. The grave defect in his memoir was that serious accusations were built upon petty acts, a surcharge that caused the whole system to bend. This little pallid man who continually raised one leg behind him and leaned forward with his two hands on the edge of the tribune as though he were gazing down into a well, made those who did not hiss laugh. Amid the uproar of the ...
— The Memoirs of Victor Hugo • Victor Hugo

... and Sewage.—This occurs where a large number of people congregate, as in cities, towns, etc., and very seriously contaminates the ground by the surcharge of the surface soil with sewage matter, saturating the ground with it, polluting the ground water from which the drinking water is derived, and increasing the putrefactive changes taking place in the soil. Here the pathogenic bacteria abound, and, by multiplying, ...
— The Home Medical Library, Volume V (of VI) • Various

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