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Tantrum  n.  
A whim; an affected air. (Colloq. and archaic)
A display of ill-humor, especially a demonstration of rage or frustration by shouting or violent physical movements, such as the stamping of feet; called also temper tantrum. It is usually associated with children, but is sometimes seen in adults.
(fig.) A display of anger expressed by irrationally striking out at innocent targets or inanimate objects; as, the governor was so insulted by the article, he threw a temper tantrum and cancelled the ceremony.

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"Tantrum" Quotes from Famous Books

... not to provoke him, friend Toft?" said Plant; "it's ill playing with edge-tools; but don't let him fly off in that tantrum—one of ye go ...
— Rookwood • William Harrison Ainsworth

... find a better example of hell-beautiful than when he tore around his corral in a tantrum, as lithe and graceful as a black panther. His mane stood on end; his eyes and nostrils were of a colour; the muscles looked to be bursting through the silken gloom of his coat. His swiftness was ...
— Red Saunders' Pets and Other Critters • Henry Wallace Phillips

... what is the matter with every one?" she said, flouncing into the kitchen. "Something seems to have jarred the family nerves. Here is uncle off on some mysterious business, Dave goes off in the snow in a tantrum, and you look as if you had just buried your last friend." And the young lady left the room as suddenly ...
— 'Way Down East - A Romance of New England Life • Joseph R. Grismer

... us, you are at liberty, Sir, to do so at your pleasure; but for a fan to slip on the ground is an everyday occurrence! How many of those crystal jars and cornelian bowls were smashed the other time, I don't remember, and yet you were not seen to fly into a tantrum; and now, for a fan do you distress yourself so? What's the use of it? If you dislike us, well pack us off and select some good girls to serve you, and we will quietly go away. ...
— Hung Lou Meng, Book II • Cao Xueqin

... broke in his young wife's voice, with just the hint of asperity in it. "She must trudge out her tantrum first. I think her idea was to show that she remembered the old place and the lane where she used to pick blackberries. You needn't worry about her getting cold. She's lived a gipsy life too many years to mind wind ...
— The Chief Legatee • Anna Katharine Green

... to holler 'im anythink for a little bit of hextry accommodation like that there. Lord bless your dear 'eart, mum, don't you say nothink more about that, I beg of you; for if John was to 'ear of it, he'd go off in a downright tearin' tantrum at the bare notion. An' about dinner, mum, you'll 'ave the cold mutton an' potatoes, and a bit of biled beetroot; and I'll just run round to the greengrocer's this moment to order it for early dinner.' ...
— Philistia • Grant Allen

... coining a guinea. Ringing a guinea, sir, does not at all imply that the payee suspects the payer to be an adept in that ingenious and much-abused art. We should be prodigously surprised if the payer were to start up in a tantrum, and say, 'Do you suspect me, ...
— Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2) • John Roby

... important festival, to the due celebration of which their labours were essential) singing, bawling we should say, out of time and tune, to the utter discomfiture of his irritable temper, (there is nothing like a false note for throwing your musical man into a perfect tantrum,) and the bringing down on their unlucky heads a smart tap with the bow of his violin, which led the harmony. There they stood with their brown cheeks and white heads, fine specimens of the agricultural interest; each one of them looking as if he could bolt a poor, half-starved factory ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 54, No. 338, December 1843 • Various

... rather loose federal government, the Emperor being the supreme ruler. State rights prevail. State may fight with State, or States may secede—it isn't of much moment. They are glad enough, after a few years, to get back, like boys who run away from home, or farmhands who quit work in a tantrum. The Chinese are very patient—they know that time cures all things, a truth the West has not yet learned. States that rebel, like individuals who place themselves beyond the protection of all, ...
— Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers • Elbert Hubbard

... been diverted to more serious and alarming considerations than what he characterized mentally as "a girl's tantrum." ...
— Miss Lou • E. P. Roe

... all manner of toys and things. I soon gave up trying to please her, or like her, and became as disagreeable a young imp as you'd ask to see. My only thought was to get all I could out of her when she was in a good-humor, and to be sullen and stubborn when she was in a tantrum. One day a boy in the street threw some mud at me, and I ran in crying and complained to her. She told me I was a little coward. I haven't forgiven her for that yet—perhaps because it was one of the few true things she ever said to me. I was in a state of perpetual ...
— Cashel Byron's Profession • George Bernard Shaw

... Kerns, pensively assaulting the breakfast food. "Lovey must not worry; Dovey shall be found, and all will be joy and gingerbread. . . . If you throw that orange I'll run screaming to the governors. Aren't you ashamed—just because you're in a love tantrum!" ...
— The Tracer of Lost Persons • Robert W. Chambers

... and stick to truth. There is the boatswain's whistle! I must go and see what's up. Pentland Firth is ever restless and nobody minds that, but she gets into sudden passions which need close watching, and I wouldn't wonder if there was not now signs of a Pentland tantrum." ...
— The Measure of a Man • Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

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