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Taw   Listen
Taw  n.  
A large marble to be played with; also, a game at marbles.
A line or mark from which the players begin a game of marbles. (Colloq. U. S.)

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"Taw" Quotes from Famous Books

... a keen old practitioner admits, To write five years and exercise his wits: The youth has heard—it is in fact his creed - Mankind dispute, that Lawyers may be fee'd: Jails, bailiffs, writs, all terms and threats of Law, Grow now familiar as once top and taw; Rage, hatred, fear, the mind's severer ills, All bring employment, all augment his bills: As feels the surgeon for the mangled limb, The mangled mind is but a job for him; Thus taught to think, these ...
— The Borough • George Crabbe

... themselves-backs straining, arms cracking under the stress-and carried it to the nearest heap with short unsteady steps, getting over the fallen timber with stumbling effort. When the burden seemed too heavy, TAW came forward leading Charles Eugene dragging a tug-bar with a strong chain; this was passed round the trunk and fastened, the horse bent his back, and with the muscles of his hindquarters standing out, hauled away the tree which scraped along the stumps and crushed ...
— Maria Chapdelaine - A Tale of the Lake St. John Country • Louis Hemon

... boundary of the bay, at Baggy Point, is another and broader bay, whose shores make a grand sweep to the westward again. This is Barnstaple Bay, into which flows a wide estuary forming the outlet of two rivers: the northernmost is the Taw, and at the head of its estuary is Barnstaple. The other is the Torridge, and upon it, at about nine miles distance from Barnstaple, is the small but prettier town of Bideford. This is described by Kingsley as a little white town, ...
— England, Picturesque and Descriptive - A Reminiscence of Foreign Travel • Joel Cook

... of Rebels in the country, and they hung around our front, exchanging shots with us at long taw, and occasionally treating us to a volley at close range, from some favorable point. But we had the decided advantage of them at this game. Our Sharpe's carbines were much superior in every way to their ...
— Andersonville, complete • John McElroy

... mood softened, and telling her to come on, he began the homeward journey. They passed through a small American town in the middle of the night—he having previously taken off the Indian rawhide shoes from the ponies. They crossed the Gila near the Nau Taw Mountains. Here he stole two fresh horses, and loading one with all the buckskins, he put her on and headed her down the Eagle Trail to Black River. She now knew where she was, but was nearly dying from the exhaustion of his fly-by-night expeditions. ...
— Crooked Trails • Frederic Remington

... bachelors fra Stanbury and all parts at continent o' Haworth; foak craaded in on all sides, even th' oud men an' wimen fra Wicken Crag an' th' Flappeters, an' strappin' foak they are yo mind, sum as fat as pigs, wi' heeads as red as carrits, an' nimble as a india-rubber bouncer taw; an' wat wur th' best on't it happened to be a fine day; or if it hed been made accordin' to orders it cudent a been finer. Shops wur all closed, an' everybody, oud an' young hed a haliday aat o'th' doors, for they were all flade o' missin' th' Grand Proceshun, which formed itseln at th' top ...
— Th' History o' Haworth Railway - fra' th' beginnin' to th' end, wi' an ackaant o' th' oppnin' serrimony • Bill o'th' Hoylus End

... so far as this part of the business was concerned, we were soon ready for play. There was no difficulty about balls, for we decided at once that the most suitable article for us, in the absence of real gutties, was the big white marble which we called a taw, and which was about half the size of an ordinary golf ball, or perhaps a little less than that. But there was some anxiety in our juvenile minds when the question of clubs came to be considered, ...
— The Complete Golfer [1905] • Harry Vardon

... it was fulfilled, And there they had the law; And whilst that they did nimbly spin, The hemp he needs must taw. He ground, he thumped, he grew So cunning in his art, He learnt the trade of beating hemp By bussing ...
— The Sources and Analogues of 'A Midsummer-night's Dream' • Compiled by Frank Sidgwick

... sir, once a year some taw halts of Burport:[117] Yea, at Tyburn there standeth the great frame. And some take a fall that maketh their ...
— A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume I. • R. Dodsley

... bridling up for a volley of threats when the bishop cut him short, and ordered him off at the double. He slunk away abashed. A deputation, of weight, from Lincoln next waited upon the archbishop to expostulate with him for playing chuck taw with the immunity of the church, and franking with his authority such messages. He smiled graciously, after the manner of his kind, and hid his spleen. He meant no harm, of course: if harm there were, ...
— Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln - A Short Story of One of the Makers of Mediaeval England • Charles L. Marson

... wyse man hath hys sone y-taw[gh]tte yn ryches, poorte, woo, and welle, Thys worthy reson for-[gh]ete thow no[gh]t, Whate eu{er} thow sey, A-vyse the ...
— Early English Meals and Manners • Various

... away. Then my wound—full of dirt and even worms—was carefully dressed. The next morning the nurse brought me the contents of my pockets. She gave me, among the rest, a marble and a flattened musket-ball, which, she had found in the watch-pocket of my trousers. Now I recalled that I had put my "taw" in that pocket; the bullet had struck the marble, which had saved me from a serious ...
— Who Goes There? • Blackwood Ketcham Benson

... children in games and plays,—the jurisprudence of child's play (323). His essay, which is devoted to the island of Sicily, touches upon a field which is likely to yield a rich harvest all over the world. The rules of the game; who shall play and who shall not; what is "out," "taw," "in"; when is one "it," "caught," "out"; what can one "bar," and what "choose,"—all these are matters which require the decisions of the youthful judiciary, and call for the frequent exercise of judgment, and the sense of justice and equity. Of the "Boy Code of Honour" some notice is taken ...
— The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought • Alexander F. Chamberlain

... duck," which in simple language means to enter a marble to be played for. This is his entrance fee and may be either a "dub," an "alley," a "crystal," or sometimes a "real," although this is very rare as well as extravagant. About ten feet from this ring a line is made called a "taw line." The first player, usually determined as soon as school is out by his having shouted, "First shot, fat!" stands behind the taw line and shoots to knock out a marble. If he is successful he continues shooting; if not he loses his turn and Number ...
— Outdoor Sports and Games • Claude H. Miller

... which was formed by them after our manner (only not so deep), they seeming in this instance to be desirous of imitating our custom. Bennillong assisted at the ceremony, placing the head of the corpse, by which he struck a beautiful war-ra-taw, and covering the body with the blanket on which he died. Being supplied with some spades, the earth was thrown in by the by-standers, during which, and indeed throughout the whole of the ceremony, the ...
— An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 2 • David Collins

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