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Vena  n.  (pl. venae)  A vein.
Vena cava; (pl. venae cavae) (Anat.) Any one of the great systemic veins connected directly with the heart.
Vena contracta. (Hydraulics) The contracted portion of a liquid jet at and near the orifice from which it issues.
Vena portae; (pl. venae portae) (Anat.) The portal vein of the liver. See under Portal.

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"Vena" Quotes from Famous Books

... tricuspidales, through which the blood falls into the heart. They were so powerfully contracted that the blood was forced to take another course, for which reason, probably, the corpse seemed so dreadfully discoloured. Item, the vena pulmonalis had burst, from which cause the doctor had spit blood to the last. And lastly, the glandulae sublinguales were so swollen that the tongue could not remain in the mouth. Such a death was not natural; that he averred. But whether Sidonia's sorcery had caused ...
— Sidonia The Sorceress V2 • William Mienhold

... superior apertures open, by a short wide canal with folded walls, are situated on each side of and above the rectum. Their inner boundaries are separated by a space of not less than 5/8ths of an inch in width, in which lie the vena cava and the oviduct. Each cavity has a rounded circumference, and a transverse diameter of about half an inch. In a direction at right angles to this diameter the dimensions vary with its state of distension; but a quarter of an inch would be a ...
— Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 - Zoology • Various

... tried, Who dwells on Pariyatra's side. He, far away, the chief who throws A glory o'er the marshalled rows That ranged behind their captain stand Exulting on the ocean strand, Is Vinata the fierce in fight, Preeminent like Dardur's height. That chieftain bending down to drink On lovely Vena's verdant brink, Is Krathan; now he lifts his eyes And thee to mortal fray defies. Next Gavaya comes, whose haughty mind Scorns all the warriors of his kind. He comes to trample—such his boast— On Lanka with ...
— The Ramayana • VALMIKI

... two inches above its lower border the diaphragm is attached to the ribs so that only a partial displacement is possible, which shows the futility of the more or less violent effort involved in pure diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing. Moreover, the hollow vein (vena cava) which leads the blood back to the heart, passes through the diaphragm, or, to be more exact, through its central tendon, and any violent action of the diaphragm in taking in breath tends to stretch this vein and, after ...
— The Voice - Its Production, Care and Preservation • Frank E. Miller

... Scotti ove la guida loro Per l'alta selva alto disdegno mena, Poi che lasciato ha l'uno e l'altro Moro, L'un morto in tutto, e l'altro vivo a pena. Giacque gran pezzo il giovine Medoro, Spicciando il sangue da si larga vena, Che di sua vita al fin saria venuto, Se non sopravenia ...
— Stories from the Italian Poets: With Lives of the Writers, Vol. 2 • Leigh Hunt

... retrogressive anomalies tending to prove that the derivation of the human race is from the quadrupeds which show analogous pulmonary malformation. Eckley reports an instance of supernumerary lobe of the right lung in close connection with the vena azygos major. Collins mentions a similar case. Bonnet and Edwards speak of instances of four lobes in the right lung. Testut and Marcondes report a description of ...
— Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine • George M. Gould

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