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Ventricle   Listen
Ventricle  n.  
(Anat.) A cavity, or one of the cavities, of an organ, as of the larynx or the brain; specifically, the posterior chamber, or one of the two posterior chambers, of the heart, which receives the blood from the auricle and forces it out from the heart. See Heart. Note: The principal ventricles of the brain are the fourth in the medulla, the third in the midbrain, the first and second, or lateral, ventricles in the cerebral hemispheres, all of which are connected with each other, and the fifth, or pseudocoele, situated between the hemispheres, in front of, or above, the fornix, and entirely disconnected with the other cavities. See Brain, and Coelia.
The stomach. (Obs.) "Whether I will or not, while I live, my heart beats, and my ventricle digests what is in it."
Fig.: Any cavity, or hollow place, in which any function may be conceived of as operating. "These (ideas) are begot on the ventricle of memory."

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"Ventricle" Quotes from Famous Books

... relationship to each other for the heart stimulation to be normal. It has also been shown that if for any reason this region of the right auricle is disturbed, a stimulus or impulse might come from some other part of the auricle, or even from the ventricle, or from some point between them. Such stimulations may constitute auricular, ventricular or auriculoventricular extra contractions or extrasystoles, as they are termed. In the last few years it has been discovered that the ...

... more authority than has lately been in fashion. The Duke of York and Lord Bute are named of the Cabinet Council. The late King's will is not yet opened. To-day everybody kissed hands at Leicester House, and this week, I believe, the King will go to St. James's. The body has been opened; the great ventricle of the heart had burst. What an enviable death! In the greatest period of the glory of this country, and of his reign, in perfect tranquillity at home, at seventy-seven, growing blind and deaf, ...
— The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to Prose, Vol. IV (of X)—Great Britain and Ireland II • Various

... section of the embryo of a chick (fifth day of incubation), seen from the right side (head to the right, tail to the left). Dorsal body dark, with convex outline. d gut, o mouth, a anus, l lungs, h liver, g mesentery, v auricle of the heart, k ventricle of the heart, b arch of the arteries, t aorta, c yelk-sac, m vitelline (yelk) duct, u allantois, r pedicle (stalk) of the allantois, n amnion, w amniotic cavity, ...
— The Evolution of Man, V.1. • Ernst Haeckel

... choler; whence it is brought to another shop or work-house to be yet better purified and fined, that is, the heart, which by its agitation of diastolic and systolic motions so neatly subtilizeth and inflames it, that in the right side ventricle it is brought to perfection, and through the veins is sent to all the members. Each parcel of the body draws it then unto itself, and after its own fashion is cherished and alimented by it. Feet, ...
— Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete. • Francois Rabelais

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