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Water plant   Listen
Water plant  n.  A plant that grows in water; an aquatic plant.

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"Water plant" Quotes from Famous Books

... sufficient. It just dried the juices in the meats. A heating plant was put in. Kerosene lamps did not produce sufficient light, so a lighting plant was installed. Springs and well were unhandy. Alfred installed a water plant. Alfred swore you might just as well live in the city if you had all city fixin's. The walks in the yard and across the lawn were inches thick with mud. Pearl and Mrs. Field, by the light of the wood fire, would read Bill Brown's life on ...
— Watch Yourself Go By • Al. G. Field

... magnificent Japanese screen that occupied one corner of his office. "It is easy enough to start ventures in this world, Mr. Davis. An inexperienced man can do that. But it most often takes experience and a lot of money to install a successful water plant." ...
— The Landloper - The Romance Of A Man On Foot • Holman Day

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