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Achromatic   Listen

Having no hue.  Synonym: neutral.

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"Achromatic" Quotes from Famous Books

... The achromatic object-glass, invented by Dollond, about 1750, obviates this difficulty, and brings all the rays to nearly the same focus. Nearly every one interested in the subject is aware that this object-glass is composed of two lenses—a concave one of flint-glass ...
— Side-lights on Astronomy and Kindred Fields of Popular Science • Simon Newcomb

... air-balloons and gobelin tapestry and mirrors, to arranging processions and chiselling silver and twisting gold into filigrees, but to clothing the people, to the manufacture of woolen, cotton, and linen cloth, of railroads and chain-cables and canals and anchors and achromatic telescopes, and chronometers to keep the time at sea,—when you think of the vast aggregate mass of their manufacturing and mechanical production, which no statistics can ex-press, and to find a market for which ...
— The American Union Speaker • John D. Philbrick

... be sold, a Second-hand Achromatic Portrait Lens by Lerebour, 2-1/4 aperture, 7 inches focal length. Price ...
— Notes and Queries, No. 181, April 16, 1853 • Various

... Shelton. 3. An assistant clock, made by Mr Monk. 4. A transit instrument, made by Mr Bird. 5. An astronomical quadrant, by the same excellent artist. 6. A reflecting telescope, of two feet focal length, by ditto. 7. An achromatic refracting telescope, of three and a half feet, and triple object glass, made by Mr Dollond. 8. A Hadley's sextant, by ditto. 9. Another, by Mr Ramsden. 10. An azimuth compass, by Mr Adams. 11. A pair of globes, by ditto. 12. A dipping needle, by Mr Nairne. I3. A marine barometer, by ditto. 14. ...
— A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 14 • Robert Kerr

... had ever been able to see it. Even Professor White, M.D., of the Yale Medical School, with the best intentions in the world, was unable to find it. Dr. White was certainly not inclined to superficiality or skepticism. With "achromatic glasses which magnified forty-five diameters" he examined the "pinholes" which covered the figure, and declared that "the beautiful finish of every pore or pinhole appeared to me strongly opposed to the idea that ...
— Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White Volume II • Andrew Dickson White

... the diameter and focal length of a simple achromatic lens; at what distance from it must a diaphragm of given diameter be placed to give ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 235, April 29, 1854 • Various

Words linked to "Achromatic" :   charcoal, blue-black, silverish, green-white, blackish, ebony, pearly-white, slate-grey, slaty, blackish-grey, slate-gray, ash-gray, silvery-white, yellowish-white, charcoal-gray, jet, ebon, sooty, pearly, slaty-gray, purple-black, brownish-grey, bluish black, greyish-black, cottony-white, grey-black, blue-grey, brown-black, grayish, silvery-grey, coal-black, ash-grey, black-grey, pinkish-white, olive-gray, white-flowered, charcoal-grey, grayish-white, grey-white, silver, pitchy, bluish-white, yellowish-gray, colourless, argent, dull-white, jet-black, slate-black, reddish-gray, snowy, silver-gray, chalky, red-gray, yellow-white, silvery, iron-grey, canescent, greenish-gray, stone-gray, dark-grey, milk-white, gray-black, greyish-white, gray, chromatic, yellowish-grey, chromaticity, olive-grey, soot-black, purple-white, silver-grey, dark-gray, brownish-black, oxford-grey, greenish-grey, pearl grey, slaty-grey, colorless, purplish-black, red-grey, blue-white, ink-black, greyish, oxford-gray, lily-white, achromatize, hue, sooty-black, slatey, greenish-white, achromatic color, hueless, blackish-gray, grayish-black, inky-black, brown-grey, ashy, off-white, grey, silvery-gray, yellow-grey, inky, purplish-white, snow-white, brown-gray, silver-white, cool-white, bluish-gray, bluish-grey, gray-white, black-gray, blue-gray, violet-black, brownish-gray, whitish, sable, yellow-gray, pearl gray, reddish-grey, stone-grey, iron-gray

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