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Airplane   /ˈɛrplˌeɪn/   Listen

An aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets.  Synonyms: aeroplane, plane.

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"Airplane" Quotes from Famous Books

... an old frame barn with a lofty roof which had already been partly shot away and was open to the sky. They were not permitted to repair the roof because the German airplane observers would notice it and know that some activity was going on there which would call for renewed shell fire. However, the top of one of the circus tents was easily run up in the barn so as to form ...
— The War Romance of the Salvation Army • Evangeline Booth and Grace Livingston Hill

... from a broken bridge into a stream, and when they attempted to swim to the other side found themselves in the enemy's hands. For a time a German prison camp with all its horrors loomed up before them, but from this they were saved by a friend of theirs, Dick Lever, who swooped down in his airplane, scattered the enemy guards, and carried his friends back in ...
— Army Boys on German Soil • Homer Randall

... that when school ended, June 28, Frank and Bob should join Jack in the Southwest for their summer vacation. The two boys owned an airplane in which they hoped to make the trip when the time came. Mr. Temple, however, was dubious about letting them attempt to make so ...
— The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border • Gerald Breckenridge

... "My airplane—the one that you said was the fat Hodges boy on a motorcycle! Is there any place near here that it can ...
— O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1920 • Various

... manner, he realized the terrible import of this announcement. A race which had been able to cross the vast gulf of intergalactic space in the days when Terrestrians were still developing the airplane—and already they had mapped Jupiter, and planned their colonies! What developments had come? They had molecular rays, cosmic rays, the energy of matter, then—what else had they now? Lux and Relux, the two artificial metals, made of solidified light, ...
— Invaders from the Infinite • John Wood Campbell

... bit—love it. Of course I know how to run the motor—simplest thing in the world. All you have to remember is not to sneeze while you are up in the air. Sneezing is sometimes fatal. It destroys your equilibrium as nothing else does and you are liable to make a disastrous nose dive. Running an airplane is much easier than an automobile. Nerve? Not a bit of it. I tell you, Cousin Ann, when I get my flying machine I'll come get you and ride you to my place and then you will be spared the bumps of that devilish lane. Just as soon ...
— The Comings of Cousin Ann • Emma Speed Sampson

... fly well. If he has nerve enough to drive an automobile through the streets of a large city, and perhaps argue with a policeman on the question of speed limits, he can take himself off the ground in an airplane, and also land—a thing vastly more difficult and dangerous. We hear a great deal about special tests for the flier—vacuum-chambers, spinning-chairs, co-ordination tests—there need be none of these. The average man in the street, the clerk, the laborer, ...
— Opportunities in Aviation • Arthur Sweetser

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