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Armed forces   /ɑrmd fˈɔrsɪz/   Listen
Armed forces

The military forces of a nation.  Synonyms: armed services, military, military machine, war machine.  "The military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"

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"Armed forces" Quotes from Famous Books

... Ministers in the Marinsky Palace, and Mr. Root made an eloquent address, declaring the sympathy of the American Republic with the new Russian Democracy. He declared that the liberty of both nations was in danger. "The armed forces of military autocracy are at the gates of Russia and the Allies. The triumph of Germans will mean the death of liberty in Russia. No enemy is at the gates of America, but America has come to realize that the triumph of ...
— History of the World War - An Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War • Francis A. March and Richard J. Beamish

... to England as involved a breach of the peace existing between the two nations. The French ships-of-war, while thus serving with the Spanish fleet under the terms of the treaty, were enemies; but the French nation and all other armed forces of France, on sea and land, were neutrals, with all the privileges of neutrality. Of course England was not bound to accept this view of the matter, and could make the action of France a casus belli; but France claimed it was not justly so, and ...
— The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783 • A. T. Mahan

... In the one hundred and fifteen years between 1497 and 1612 eight hundred and six ships were sent from Portugal to India, [Footnote: Hunter, Hist. of British India, I., 165.] all equipped for the voyage and fitted out by the government with cannon and provided with armed forces. ...
— European Background Of American History - (Vol. I of The American Nation: A History) • Edward Potts Cheyney

... France with an army a hundred thousand strong. It was an act of impious treachery, and the beginning of the doom of the French Monarchy. Yet if but some glimmer of intelligence and courage had characterised the preparations for the flight of the royal family to join the armed forces waiting to receive them near the frontier, their lives ...
— The Story of Paris • Thomas Okey

... It was also shown that during the last two years of the war the British armies had borne the brunt of the heaviest fighting on the Western Front in France and at the same time had destroyed the armed forces of the Turkish Empire in the East. The risk of compelling Britain to take part was undertaken, and the first great strategical blunder of the ...
— Lectures on Land Warfare; A tactical Manual for the Use of Infantry Officers • Anonymous

... highly the skill already great of another gun-pointer; but, on the other hand, it may be less beneficial to drill boat crews at boat-sailing, even if they need it, than to drill them at landing as armed forces on the beach, though they may do that pretty well; or it may be better not to have boat drill at all and to get under way for fleet drill, even though the ships are ...
— The Navy as a Fighting Machine • Bradley A. Fiske

... the armed forces of the state, and when the regular officers of the law are unable to cope with domestic violence, he is empowered to call out the militia. In this connection, the Governor has the power of suspending the writ of habeas corpus, though most states declare that this writ may ...
— Problems in American Democracy • Thames Ross Williamson

... a state of ferment and consequent weakness, which so often accompanies the period of social reform. The strength arrayed against her was just then overwhelming; I mean the comparatively honest (because open) strength of armed forces. But, probably from innate inclination towards treachery, Frederick of Prussia selected for himself the part of falsehood and deception. Appearing on the scene in the character of a friend he entered deliberately ...
— Notes on Life and Letters • Joseph Conrad

... material resources, her internal state, and her moral condition. When she declared war on Russia, Germany evidently counted, above all, on the weakness of the Russian Army. There was nothing, however, to justify such an estimate of the armed forces of Russia. Certainly Russia had been beaten in the Japanese war, but in that war the decision was reached on the sea, and after the fall of Port Arthur the land war had no object. The Germans have probably convinced themselves already how superficial was such an estimate of the forces ...
— The New York Times Current History: the European War, February, 1915 • Various

... him with soft eyes. It wasn't really his job, this worrying. The top-level brains of the armed forces were struggling with it. They were trying everything from redesigned rocket motors to really radical notions. But there ...
— Space Tug • Murray Leinster

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olive-drab uniform, break, court-martial, armoured car, judge advocate, naval forces, muster call, military position, captain, major-general, chief of staff, detail, flanker, chow line, assault, expedition, field hospital, armored, noncommissioned officer, army officer, column, HQ, pass, military action, campaign, mission, open order, commission, military science, commando, cadet, inter-service support, FO, armored combat vehicle, full general, armory, fighter aircraft, military court, flyover, cantonment, naval academy, damage, naval installation, military intelligence, flag officer, defense contractor, Navy SEAL, materiel, effective, military uniform, Army Intelligence, base, battle line, fight, armoury, military adviser, ground forces, boot camp, military rank, military strength, army, blitz, commander, mess, draft, army hut, field marshal, onrush, inductee, combat-ready, military unit, artillery unit, light colonel, naval commander, devil dog, brass hat, onslaught, military vehicle, navy yard, commissioned naval officer, midshipman, lieutenant colonel, defector, aide-de-camp, insignia of rank, bivouac, artillery, military man, beleaguering, military officer, combat zone, military rating, air unit, color bearer, military control, commanding officer, fire control radar, military post, command post, inactive, aid station, horse, issue, fatigues, air attache, hostile, commodore, command, full-dress uniform, GHQ, general officer, action, hut, muster, attack, APC, fatigue duty, military issue, dress uniform, military operation, center, Holy Joe, dressing station, Armed Forces Day, battle, chevron, head, paratroops, manoeuvre, outpost, lieutenant JG, field-grade officer, infantry, military chaplain, armor, field officer, naval attache, high command, attention, air station, injury, lieutenant general, nonoperational, army tank, military ceremony, guardhouse, amphibious operation, flag rank, military formation, line of battle, aide, marshal, extended order, fire control system, military quarters, Defense Intelligence Agency, manual, military headquarters, fort, combat injury, camp, drill instructor, nuclear deterrence, armored personnel carrier, military law, drop zone, latrine, executive officer, inspector general, fighting, combat casualty, general staff, contingent, logistic support, combined operation, defence, infiltration, opposition, medical officer, attack aircraft, activated, armour, military engineer, padre, conscript, military service, foreign aid, headquarters, drumhead court-martial, naval officer, air cover, grade insignia, mechanized cavalry, equipage, man, line, absence without leave, lights-out, medic, conscription, arsenal, marine engineer, defense, foot, detach, canton, airforce, military commission, armoured combat vehicle, field of operations, military group, EW, coastguard, barrack, minefield, military leader, commandant, Marines, assault rifle, gun, B-52, militia, liberty chit, assault gun, MP, leatherneck, caisson, military academy, military installation, DIA, firing squad, colonel, officer, bomber, active, cavalry, field day, company, compassionate leave, blitzkrieg, military plane, fighter pilot, occupier, armed combat, enemy, military hospital, air force academy, loss, armed service, aviation, engagement, hardware, militainment, headquarters staff, garrison, armament, naval unit, ai, logistic assessment, countermine, personnel, hutment, fatigue, general, military personnel, billet, encirclement, electronic warfare, drumbeat, noncom, dropping zone, military censorship, operational, battery, blockade, military reserve, cadre, military police, reserve, bandsman, combat ship, national service, navy, armoured personnel carrier, military drill, air base, Army National Guard, military campaign, field, firepower, air force, expeditionary, olive drab, military posture, Joint Chiefs, lieutenant commander, naval shipyard, operational damage, government issue, home guard, basic training, combat area, army engineer, martial law, besieging, occupation, general headquarters, enlisted officer, foeman, National Guard, military mission, disengagement, friendly, gas shell, military advisor, armoured, armed, military policeman

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