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Bolshevik   /bˈoʊlʃəvˌɪk/   Listen

Emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries.  Synonyms: bolshie, bolshy, Marxist, red.
A Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party.  Synonym: Bolshevist.

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"Bolshevik" Quotes from Famous Books

... was simply the refusal of the soldiers to fire. It was not the new wine of liberty, but the opium of lethargy that possessed the popular mind, and relaxation loosened all the fibres of the Russian State. Action came later with the Bolshevik reconstruction, but for the time dissolution was the order of the day—a dissolution that was due less to the activity of destroyers than to the decay of the body politic; and the over-government of Russia by bureaucracy and police precipitated ...
— A Short History of the Great War • A.F. Pollard

... is just the discovery of convenient phrases or labels, such as "pessimist," or "socialist," or "pacifist" or "Bolshevik." When any puzzling mental attitude comes before their notice, they pin one of their labels to it, and, having labelled it, they think they understand it. The Press supplies them with these labels, and, consciously or unconsciously, they store them up in their minds and always ...
— Combed Out • Fritz August Voigt

... American arms, exhibiting courage and fortitude and heroism, the stories of which are to embellish the annals of American martial exploits. They were destined, a handful of them here, a handful there, to successfully baffle the Bolshevik hordes in their ...
— The History of the American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviki - Campaigning in North Russia 1918-1919 • Joel R. Moore

... can be ascertained, Mr. BERNARD SHAW intends to devote the holidays to verifying the report of his namesake, Mr. TOM SHAW (with whom he has been stupidly confused), on the Bolshevik regime. He will probably enter Russia secretly, accompanied by a mixed party of vegetarian Fabians disguised as Muscovites, so that in the event of being denounced as Boorjoos they may hope to pass for returning Dukhobors, or, in case of detection, for an amateur theatrical company ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, June 30th, 1920 • Various

... goes over to the Spartacists it is inevitable that she should throw in her lot with the Russian Bolshevists. Once that happens all Eastern Europe will be swept into the orbit of the Bolshevik revolution, and within a year we may witness the spectacle of nearly three hundred million people organized into a vast red army under German instructors and German generals, equipped with German cannon and German machine guns and prepared for a renewal of the attack on Western Europe. ...
— Peaceless Europe • Francesco Saverio Nitti

... was a young commissioned officer who was having an artificial jaw supplied to replace the one shot off in a Bolshevik encounter. He had greatly recovered when the call was made and an opening naturally presented for the soldier to recount the part he played in the adventure of his country in the Revolutionary ...
— Rescuing the Czar - Two authentic Diaries arranged and translated • James P. Smythe

... guidance," says a contemporary, "Persia's future is bright with promise." We know nothing of its future, but its present seems to be scintillating with performance under Bolshevik direction. ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 158, June 2, 1920 • Various

... she confessed to being a Bolshevik or local-optionist or something and the news broke his heart," Charley volunteered, joining in the ...
— The Ramblin' Kid • Earl Wayland Bowman

... to have small effect on the imagination when simply stated as such. Perhaps people will realize what it means when instead of talking of the wounded undergoing operations without anesthetics I record the case of an acquaintance, a Bolshevik, working in a Government office, who suffered last summer from a slight derangement of the stomach due to improper and inadequate feeding. His doctor prescribed a medicine, and nearly a dozen different apothecaries ...
— The Crisis in Russia - 1920 • Arthur Ransome

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