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Cache   /kæʃ/  /kæʃˈeɪ/   Listen

Save up as for future use.  Synonyms: hive up, hoard, lay away, squirrel away, stash.

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"Cache" Quotes from Famous Books

... and that, even had it been necessary to suspend the Constitution for a season, he would have known how to veil the statue of Liberty, [Footnote: "Il y a des cas ou il faut mettre pour un moment un voile sur la Liberte, comme l'on cache les statues des dieux."—MONTESQUIEU, liv. xii. chap. 20.] without leaving like his rival, such marks of mutilation on its limbs. But it is to be recollected that he would have had to encounter, in his own ranks, ...
— Memoirs of the Life of Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan Vol 2 • Thomas Moore

... New York 'bout three months ago on some cattle deal, an' I heard he had an agent there sellin' wildcat minin' stock. There ain't no doubt in my mind but he knew some o' these fellers. They wouldn't 'a' planned this unless they had some cache fixed out yere in this country—that's plain as a wart on the nose. But whar is it? I'll bet yer that if we ever find Cavendish, we'll find the girl along with him; an' what's more, that spot ain't liable ter be more'n ...
— The Strange Case of Cavendish • Randall Parrish

... perform this duty of art and of friendship. My efforts, however, can lead to a good result only if Herr von Hulsen gives me his perfect confidence and asks me to settle the necessary steps for the rehearsals and performance of "Tannhauser." As mouche du cache I cannot go to Berlin, and should in that capacity be of little service to you. Your works, it is true, are above success as at present understood, but I will bet ten to one that "Tannhauser" or "Lohengrin," rehearsed and placed before the public in a proper manner, will ...
— Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1 • Francis Hueffer (translator)

... Iscariot!" he said when he could speak. "You betrayed my hospitality—my trust. Next to a cache robber you're the meanest kind of a thief I've ever known. I've read your story in the newspaper, and so has the old man who saved your rotten life. We know you for the lying braggart that you are. You made yourself out a hero when ...
— The Man from the Bitter Roots • Caroline Lockhart

... the next day Burke wrote and deposited in the cache a letter giving a sketch of the exploration, and added the ...
— The Red True Story Book • Various

... the paper. Neither of them had the slightest idea how to get it there, but such details as that were beyond the horizon; they occupied themselves with the question of what their advertisement ought to "say." Finding that they differed irreconcilably, Penrod went to a cache of his in the sawdust-box and brought two pencils and a supply of paper. He gave one of the pencils and several sheets to Sam; then both boys bent themselves in silence to the labor of practical composition. Penrod produced ...
— Short Stories of Various Types • Various

... on the following day when the four finally succeeded in locating the grub cache of the departed horse-thief. Nearly two years had passed since the man had described the place to Tex and a two-year-old description of a certain small, carefully concealed cavern in a rock-wall pitted ...
— The Texan - A Story of the Cattle Country • James B. Hendryx

... a cache, as Frank told Henri it should be called, hiding their wheels so that they would have a chance of recovering them if they came back this way. They marked the spot not only by landmarks, but by the stars, which were beginning to dot ...
— The Boy Scouts on the Trail • George Durston

... are many lodge sites of varying depths and diameters. The deepest one reported had a depth of 9 feet below the surrounding surface, and at the bottom of this was a pit (or "cache," as they are locally known) with an additional depth of 4 feet, or 13 feet of excavation in all. This was near the so-called "cannibal house," where 14 human frontal bones were found under conditions which indicate they had belonged to individuals who ...
— Archeological Investigations - Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 76 • Gerard Fowke

... left the Roosevelt on what might be a returnless journey. The time to strike had come. Captain Bartlett and Dr. Goodsell had already started. The Commander gave me strict orders to the effect that I must get to Porter Bay, pick up the cache of alcohol left there late in the previous week, solder up the leaks, and take it to Cape Columbia, there to await his arrival. The cause of the alcohol-leakage was due to the jolting of the sledges over the rough ice, puncturing the thin tin ...
— A Negro Explorer at the North Pole • Matthew A. Henson

... bent and studied the photo, then he turned to Rick with a wide grin on his face. "So that's it! Rick, this is their cache. They must park the stuff there ...
— Smugglers' Reef • John Blaine

... baleine Un vent funeste m'a touch, Et mon hiver s'est approch Quand mon printemps s'coule peine. Arbuste en un seul jour dtruit, Quelques fleurs faisaient ma parure; Mais ma languissante verdure Ne laisse aprs elle aucun fruit. Tombe, tombe, feuille phmre, Voile aux yeux ce triste chemin, Cache au dsespoir de ma mre La place o je serai demain! Mais vers la solitaire alle Si mon amante dsole Venait pleurer quand le jour fuit, veille par un lger bruit Mon ...
— French Lyrics • Arthur Graves Canfield

... in Colorado, on the Cache le Poudre River, while camping out there (having gone with a detective in search of horse-thieves), I heard a terrible clatter among the prairie-dogs late in the night. It was explained to me by the ranchman, who ...
— Three Years on the Plains - Observations of Indians, 1867-1870 • Edmund B. Tuttle

... Tom. Cache it this time where those thieving devils won't beat you to it. Coils are hard to get right now. Bill, you'd better run down Lucas way and scout around for barracuda. They were beginning to hit in there strong this time last year. How's the baby? I phoned to town ...
— El Diablo • Brayton Norton

... caching, a great deal of skill is often required to leave no sign whereby the cunning savage may discover the place of deposit. To this end, the excavated earth is carried some distance and carefully concealed, or thrown into a stream, if one be at hand. The place selected for a cache is usually some rolling point, sufficiently elevated to be secure from inundations. If it be well set with grass, a solid piece of turf is cut out large enough for the entrance. The turf is afterward laid back, and, taking root, in a short ...
— The Old Santa Fe Trail - The Story of a Great Highway • Henry Inman

... and as she did so a little panel at the back of the desk fell forward disclosing a cache containing a bundle of letters ...
— The Ghost Girl • H. De Vere Stacpoole

... Sebastian. As to hiding—well, I was a ranger once. Offer a reward, and everybody is on the jump to earn it. The way these hills are being combed this week by anxious man-hunters you'd never reach your cache." ...
— A Daughter of the Dons - A Story of New Mexico Today • William MacLeod Raine

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