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Coexist   /kˌoʊəgzˈɪst/   Listen

(past & past part. coexisted; pres. part. coexisting)
Coexist peacefully, as of nations.
Exist together.

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"Coexist" Quotes from Famous Books

... problem," Kirichenko said. "As you know, the Soviet Union consists of fifteen republics. In addition there are seventeen Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics that coexist within these basic fifteen republics. There are also ten of what we call Autonomous Regions. Largely, each of these political divisions speak different languages and have ...
— Revolution • Dallas McCord Reynolds

... majestic forms of the prophets and sibyls encircling the ceiling, and if he had seen the face of the Saviour in a fair light, he might have recognized that such divine calmness of expression could not coexist with a vindictive motive. This, however, can be seen to better advantage in a Braun photograph than in ...
— The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne • Frank Preston Stearns

... generally conceded that God is Father, eternal, self- 267:9 created, infinite. If this is so, the forever Father must have had children prior to Adam. The great I AM made all "that was made." Hence man and the spiritual uni- 267:12 verse coexist ...
— Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures • Mary Baker Eddy

... offers an exact method of determining the presence of typhoid fever. Typhoid fever—especially where there are chills—is often thought to be malaria, when occurring in malarial regions, and may be improperly called "typhoid malaria." There is no such disease. Rarely typhoid fever and malaria coexist in the same person, and while this was not uncommon in the soldiers returning from Cuba and Porto Rico, it is an extremely unusual occurrence in the United States. Examination of the blood will determine the presence or absence of both ...
— The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI) • Various

... fixed view. Struggling in imperfect apprehensions of life, she was not yet master of her forces— they came near to mastering her. In his eyes it was natural for her to be jealous. But she was not jealous. That passion can hardly coexist with such sincere and cool contempt as she had felt for Mrs. Cleve. What had pierced her heart and killed her childhood in her was terror lest Lawrence should turn out to have lowered himself to the same level. ...
— Nightfall • Anthony Pryde

... indispensable part of the framework of physical science. Now this doctrine of material atoms is an almost necessary corollary to the doctrine of a universal aether. For if we held that matter is continuous, one of two alternatives would be open. We might consider that matter and aether can coexist in the same space; this would involve the co-existence and interaction of a double set of properties, introducing great complication, which would place any coherent scheme of physical action probably beyond the powers of human analysis. Or we ...
— Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia

... plane of the female genital organs. It shows the position of an ovule which has just been discharged lying in the opening of the right tube, and that of another ovary fecundated and surrounded by the decidual membrane. In reality this could hardly coexist with the other ovule freely discharged. In the right ovary are seen ovules in various degrees of maturity in their Graafian follicles: also a corpus luteum—an empty Graafian follicle after expulsion ...
— The Sexual Question - A Scientific, psychological, hygienic and sociological study • August Forel

... importation from Africa, with a clause commanding Congress to guarantee a republican form of government to those very States, as well as to others, authorizes you to determine that slavery and a republican form of government cannot coexist. ...
— American Eloquence, Volume II. (of 4) - Studies In American Political History (1896) • Various

... over-awed, entranced, transfigured. To his mind it was impossible for any one to come under this influence and ever be the same again. "Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not," he said. It was inconceivable that he should sin, as inconceivable as that ice should live in a burning sun, or darkness coexist with noon. If any one did sin, it was to John the simple proof that he could never have met Christ. "Whosoever sinneth," he exclaims, "hath not seen HIM, neither known HIM." Sin was abashed in this Presence. Its root withered. Its sway and ...
— Addresses • Henry Drummond

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