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Correlate   /kˈɔrəlˌeɪt/  /kˈɔrələt/   Listen

Either of two or more related or complementary variables.  Synonym: correlative.

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"Correlate" Quotes from Famous Books

... do you think they fought a war around a perimeter of close to a thousand light-years? They couldn't do all that out of their heads. They'd have to have computers, and the one they'd use to correlate everything and work out grand-strategy plans would have to be a dilly. Why, I'd give anything just to look at the operating panels ...
— The Cosmic Computer • Henry Beam Piper

... expert went on: "Our test subject read it carefully, scanning rather than skimming. Cameras recorded the movements of his eyes in order for us to tell just what he was reading at any given moment, in order to correlate what was going on in his mind with the reactions of the machine's ...
— That Sweet Little Old Lady • Gordon Randall Garrett (AKA Mark Phillips)

... (for we possess a true idea) is something different from its correlate (ideatum); thus a circle is different from the idea of a circle. The idea of a circle is not something having a circumference and a center, as a circle has; nor is the idea of a body that body itself. Now, as it is something different from its correlate, it is capable of being understood ...
— The Philosophy of Spinoza • Baruch de Spinoza

... for water, it is essential to know the nature, succession, and structure of the rocks beneath the surface in order to be able to identify and correlate them from drill samples. The mere identification of samples is often sufficient to determine whether a well has been drilled far enough or too far to secure the maximum results. In order to arrive at any advance approximation ...
— The Economic Aspect of Geology • C. K. Leith

... side gradually assumes prominence. In twelve hours the aspect of the planet is completely changed. These changes, together with the inevitable effects of foreshortening, render it often difficult to correlate the objects on the planet with those on the maps. The latter, it must be confessed, fall short of the maps of the moon in definiteness and in certainty; yet there is no doubt that the main features of the planet are to be ...
— The Story of the Heavens • Robert Stawell Ball

... is such a legend. Actually, the device does nothing. The Hlats respond to telepathic stimuli, both among themselves and from other beings, eventually begin to correlate such stimuli with the ...
— Lion Loose • James H. Schmitz

... in painting, Burlesque is in writing; and in the same manner the comic writer and painter correlate to each other. And here I shall observe, that, as in the former the painter seems to have the advantage; so it is in the latter infinitely on the side of the writer; for the Monstrous is much easier to paint than describe, and ...
— Joseph Andrews Vol. 1 • Henry Fielding

... when so simply illustrated in the fourth gift, easily suggests to the children the force of example, and indeed every physical law seems to have its correlate in the moral world. We may make the children see it very clearly through the seven poor, weak little bricks that fell down because they were touched by the first one. They really could not help it; now, how about seven little boys or girls? ...
— Froebel's Gifts • Kate Douglas Wiggin

... is, then, a corollary, a necessary corollary, to the more anecdotal Historia Animalium. And yet again, there is a third alternative—to discuss the great functions or actions or potentialities of the organism, as it were first of all in the abstract, and then to correlate them with the parts which in this or that creature are provided and are 'designed' to effect them. This involves the conception and the writing of separate physiological treatises on such themes as Respiration, Locomotion, on Sleeping ...
— The Legacy of Greece • Various

... adapted to rural needs. Over these schools would be the supervision of the county superintendent, who will stand in the same relation to the principals as that of the city superintendent to his ward or high school principals. The county superintendent will serve to unify and correlate the work of the different consolidated schools, and to relate all to the life and work ...
— New Ideals in Rural Schools • George Herbert Betts

... No doubt; always provided, mind you, that you have a sound scientific theory to correlate your observations at the bedside. Mere experience by itself is nothing. If I take my dog to the bedside with me, he sees what I see. But he learns nothing from it. Why? Because he's ...
— The Doctor's Dilemma • George Bernard Shaw

... the race's history did not help Rynason to place and correlate those impressions which came to him one on top of another, overlapping, merging, blending. He saw buildings which towered over him, masses of his people moving quietly around him, and thoughts came to him ...
— Warlord of Kor • Terry Gene Carr

... considered an integral part of a girl's curriculum. If educators begin systematically to educate the emotions as well as the intellect, they will have taken a long step toward increasing the birth-rate of the superior. The next step will be to correlate income more truly with ability in such a way as to make it possible for superior young parents to afford children earlier. The child ought, if eugenically desirable, to be made an asset rather than a liability; if this can not be done, the parents should at least not be penalized for having children. ...
— Applied Eugenics • Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson

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