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Crap   /kræp/   Listen

Obscene terms for feces.  Synonyms: dirt, poop, shit, shite, turd.
Obscene words for unacceptable behavior.  Synonyms: bull, bullshit, dogshit, horseshit, Irish bull, shit.  "What he said was mostly bull"

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"Crap" Quotes from Famous Books

... Rabbit en ole Brer Buzzard 'cluded dey'd sorter go shares, en crap tergedder. Hit wuz a mighty good year, en de truck tu'n out monstus well, but bimeby, w'en de time come fer dividjun, hit come ter light dat ole Brer Buzzard ain't got nuthin'. De crap wuz all gone, en dey want nuthin' dar fer ter show fer it. Brer Rabbit, he make like he in a wuss fix'n Brer Buzzard, ...
— Uncle Remus • Joel Chandler Harris

... Chesterfield—a musician—an artist. Where Mr. Travis could not dance without stepping on everybody in the room, Mr. Raffin was a veritable Mordkin. Where Mr. Travis hung out with a bunch of no-good crap-shooting black buck niggers, Mr. Raffin's orchestral duties brought him into the most cultured s'ciety. In short, the yellow man from Haiti was a gentleman; the black man from Texas was ...
— O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1920 • Various

... put his head inside the door of the joint Du Sang had entered, withdrew it, and, rejoining his companions, spoke in an undertone: "A negro dive; he's lying low. Now we will keep our regular order. It's a half-basement, with a bar on the left; crap games at the table behind the screen on the right. Kennedy, will you take the rear end of the bar? It covers the whole room and the back door. George, pass in ahead of me and step just to the left of the slot machine; you've got the front door there and everything behind the screen, and ...
— Whispering Smith • Frank H. Spearman

... enough," said another, "it promises to be a fine crap anyhow, and myself can't help thinkin' it quare that Mikee Coghlan, that's a plain-spoken, quite (quiet) man, and simple like, should have finer craps than Pether Kelly o' the big farm beyant, that knows all about the great saycrets o' the airth, ...
— Stories of Comedy • Various

... dis yer worl' ter suit you en misus. P'raps He t'ink ez much ob dem po' souls dar (pointing at the negroes) ez ob yourn. Didn't I stan' wid dem w'at die ter mek us free? Der blood wateh dis hull lan' en I feels hit in my heart dat de Lawd'll brung up a crap dis lan' neber saw befo'. Please reckermember, mars'r en misus, de gre't wuck ob de Lawd gwine right along des ...
— Miss Lou • E. P. Roe

... Uncle Pomp, "don't tell yer pa nuf'n 'boutn it; he'll sho' ter sen' me back, an' dat man'll beat me half ter def: caze I'se mos' loss er week's time now, an' hit's er mighty 'tickler time in de crap." ...
— Diddie, Dumps & Tot - or, Plantation child-life • Louise-Clarke Pyrnelle

Words linked to "Crap" :   bunkum, piddle, rot, faeces, pass, feces, bm, pass water, urinate, puddle, excrete, hogwash, dung, dogshit, take a leak, smut, egest, buncombe, dirty word, fecal matter, relieve oneself, micturate, wee-wee, eliminate, faecal matter, pee, spend a penny, guff, ordure, dejection, wee, piss, pee-pee, bunk, filth, make water, take a crap, vulgarism, obscenity

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