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Crawfish   /krˈɔfˌɪʃ/   Listen

Make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity.  Synonyms: back away, back out, crawfish out, pull back, pull in one's horns, retreat, withdraw.  "He backed out of his earlier promise" , "The aggressive investment company pulled in its horns"

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"Crawfish" Quotes from Famous Books

... of sculpture is appropriated to the figures of animals of all kinds, from the lion and eagle down to the rat and crawfish in marbles of all colors, and of all sizes; the best executed among them appeared to me a group representing a greyhound bitch giving suck to her young. As for the valuable cameos, coins, medals, and smaller remnants of antiquity in ...
— After Waterloo: Reminiscences of European Travel 1815-1819 • Major W. E Frye

... wend my way At close of day Unto the quaint retreat Where lives the Voodoo Doctor By some esteemed a sham, Yet I'll declare there's none elsewhere So skilled as Doctor Sam With the claws of a deviled crawfish, The juice of the prickly prune, And the quivering dew From a yarb that grew In the light of ...
— Songs and Other Verse • Eugene Field

... heap sight happier than us, with his trampin' around all day and his French and English books at night, as old Tony says. He bunks with old Tony, you know, what keeps that little grocery in Solidelle Street. Tony says his candles comes to more than his bread and meat, or, rather, his rice and crawfish. He's the funniest crazy I ever see. All the crazies I ever see is got some grind for pleasing number one; but this chap is everlastin'ly a-lookin' out for everybody but number one. Oh, yes, the candles and books,—I reckon they ...
— Bonaventure - A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana • George Washington Cable

... brewers of Billancourt and the tanners of Sevres dance lustily under the greenwood tree; and then, too, the sturdy fishmongers of Bretigny and Saint-Yon regale their fat wives with an airing in a swing, and their customers with eels and crawfish.... ...
— Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 3 • Various

... dancing halls of the neighborhood. She was known from the "Ball of Queen Blanche" to the "Great Hall of Folly." When she entered the "Elysee-Montmartre," folks climbed onto the tables to see her do the "sniffling crawfish" during the pastourelle. As she had twice been turned out of the "Chateau Rouge" hall, she walked outside the door waiting for someone she knew to escort her inside. The "Black Ball" on the outer Boulevard and the "Grand Turk" in the Rue des Poissonniers, were respectable places ...
— L'Assommoir • Emile Zola

... contrary, he was as red in the face as a crawfish, and resisting struck me. I held his arms fast, but he disengaged himself with so violent a jerk that the yellow facings of his right ...

... moment, and then, actuated by something more than mere fury, leaped out of bed and prepared for a dash across the room to lock the door. On the third stride I whirled and made a flying leap into the bed, scuttling beneath the covers with the speed and accuracy of a crawfish. Just in time, too, for the heavy door swung slowly open a second later, and the shrill, explanatory voice was projected loudly into ...
— A Fool and His Money • George Barr McCutcheon

... out-roasted peacocks, with showy spread tails and crested heads raised as it were in defiance: boars' heads with a lemon in their mouth and gaily wreathed; huge salmon lying in the midst of blue trout, with scarlet crawfish clinging to them; pasties and skilfully-devised sweetmeats; nay, now and again, I scarce consciously put forth my hand and carried this or that morsel to my mouth but whether it were bread or ginger my tongue heeded not the savor. Silver tankards and Venetian ...
— Uarda • Georg Ebers

... rise to a fly at such times in the rapids; but no allurement excepting the troll will bring them to the surface in still water. When the river is rising, or the water is clouded with mud or drift, bass scorn all surface-diet; but the live minnow or crawfish, hellgramite or fish-worm, will capture them on trout-line or hook attached to the soul-absorbing bob. A clothes-line wire cable, furnished with well-assorted hooks baited with cotton, dough, and cheese well mixed together, and stretched ...
— Lippincott's Magazine, August, 1885 • Various

... keep their skins in good order. As to their breakfast, I am afraid that often they have some very unpleasant things to eat—stale shark, for instance, and sour corn bread—so sour that you could not swallow it, and boiled fern root, or the pulp of fern stems, or crawfish. ...
— Holiday Stories for Young People • Various

... infrequently the object or idea thus personified is given a title of respect; thus, "Corporal Black" is the night. Akin to personification is bold metaphor and association. In this there may or may not be some evident analogy; thus a crawfish is "a bird," the banca or canoe is "rung" (like a bell.) Not uncommonly the word "house" is used of anything thought of as containing something; thus "Santa Ana's house," "San Gabriel's house;" this use is particularly used in speaking ...
— A Little Book of Filipino Riddles • Various

... deterioration &c. 659; recidivism, recidivity[obs3]. reversal, relapse, turning point &c.(reversion) 145. V. recede, regrade, return, revert, retreat, retire; retrograde, retrocede; back out; back down; balk; crawfish* [U.S.], crawl*; withdraw; rebound &c. 277; go back, come back, turn back, hark back, draw back, fall back, get back, put back, run back; lose ground; fall astern, drop astern; backwater, put about; backtrack, take ...
— Roget's Thesaurus • Peter Mark Roget

... also shellfish (though in less plenty about Bahia than on other parts of the coast) namely lobsters, crawfish, shrimps, crabs, oysters of the common sort, conches, wilks, cockles, mussels, periwinkles, etc. Here are three sorts of sea-turtle, namely hawksbill, loggerhead, and green: but none of them are in any esteem, neither Spaniards nor Portuguese loving ...
— A Voyage to New Holland • William Dampier

Words linked to "Crawfish" :   genus Palinurus, decapod, decapod crustacean, back away, recede, shellfish, Astacidae, family Astacidae, retire, Palinurus, draw back, move back, Old World crayfish, pull away, American crayfish, Astacura, lobster

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