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Cricetidae   Listen

Mostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters.  Synonym: family Cricetidae.

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Words linked to "Cricetidae" :   subfamily Gerbillinae, suborder Myomorpha, genus Meriones, Sigmodon, genus Phenacomys, genus Clethrionomys, genus Arvicola, Microtus, genus Synaptomys, Synaptomys, Baiomys, genus lemmus, Myopus, Reithrodontomys, genus Onychomys, genus Neotoma, New World mouse, Oryzomys, Meriones, genus Oryzomys, Onychomys, Myomorpha, Ondatra, mammal family, genus Baiomys, lemming, Arvicola, Neofiber, genus Peromyscus, genus Ondatra, Mesocricetus, genus Mesocricetus, wood rat, genus Microtus, wood-rat, Lemmus, genus Pitymys, Neotoma, Clethrionomys, Peromyscus, Gerbillinae, genus Sigmodon, genus Dicrostonyx, genus Reithrodontomys, Cricetus, genus Cricetus, genus Myopus, Pitymys, genus Neofiber, Dicrostonyx

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