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Distinctive feature   /dɪstˈɪŋktɪv fˈitʃər/   Listen
Distinctive feature

An odd or unusual characteristic.  Synonyms: distinguishing characteristic, peculiarity.

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"Distinctive feature" Quotes from Famous Books

... unrighteous man his thoughts; and to return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.[172] It is exceedingly strange that those who dwell upon the paternal character of God, as a distinctive feature of Christ's personal teaching, should have forgotten that the hymns of the Old Testament church, a thousand years before his coming, were full of this endearing relation; that it was by the first Hebrew prophet that the Hebrew Jehovah declared, "Israel ...
— Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith - Being an Examination of the Evidences of Infidelity • Robert Patterson

... to Irish incomes to fail to develop in response to increasing demands upon them. It was, however, a distinctive feature of the incomes of those who were Irish landlords during the latter years of the Victorian era, to shrink in steady response to the difficulties of English government in Ireland. Only Irish people can understand the complicated processes of erosion to ...
— Mount Music • E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross

... with a short disk of stamens in the middle; they are white, tinged with rose, and are developed in the summer months. Native of the rocky hills of Mexico, whence it was introduced in 1845. The stems of this plant are its most distinctive feature. It thrives on a shelf in a warm greenhouse, if kept perfectly dry in winter, and it should be potted in a compost consisting of broken ...
— Cactus Culture For Amateurs • W. Watson

... But in that case the rudimentary structures, the animal-like variations, the identical course of development, and all the other animal characteristics he possesses are deceptive, and inevitably lead us, as thinking beings making use of the reason which is our noblest and most distinctive feature, into gross error. ...
— Darwinism (1889) • Alfred Russel Wallace

... moved to Zion City, forty-two miles north of Chicago. He preached the threefold gospel of Salvation, Healing, and Holy Living. Dowie differed from Christian Science in proclaiming the reality of disease, the distinctive feature of his doctrine being that all bodily ailment is the work of the Devil, and that Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil. His contempt for external means may be judged from the title of a pamphlet, Doctors, Drugs, and Devils; nevertheless, he used physicians at least ...
— Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing • George Barton Cutten

... visible in other mediaeval cities, are not apparent here. The great cathedral is a most interesting study in the art of architecture,—its exquisite arcades, its delicate, lofty campanile glittering in the sun. The green-roofed cupola is a distinctive feature, and up the many flights of stairs the old Capuccini convent lies,—the unique, romantic hotel where the cells of the monks are now the rooms of the perpetual procession of guests. Does the wraith of Cardinal Capuano, who founded this convent, still wander in midnight ...
— Italy, the Magic Land • Lilian Whiting

... each other under the earth, as well as on it and above it, No Man's Land in front of Givenchy began to be really churned up. Huge craters had been blown up by both sides in such numbers that they formed the most distinctive feature of this part of the line. The whole of the ground across the ridge between the lines presented the appearance of a model of the Alps on a rather large scale. These craters had to be carefully represented on all trench maps, and they bore distinctive names such as Warlington Crater and Red ...
— The Seventh Manchesters - July 1916 to March 1919 • S. J. Wilson

... taverns, which it no longer possesses. It was a radiating centre for different lines of stage-coaches, until this mode of travel was superseded by the swifter one of the railroad. During many years the stage-coaches were a distinctive feature of the place; and their coming and going was watched with great interest, and created the excitement of the day. In early times the drivers, as they approached the village, would blow a bugle in order ...
— The Bay State Monthly, Vol. 1, Issue 1. - A Massachusetts Magazine of Literature, History, - Biography, And State Progress • Various

... coloring on the underparts is a distinctive feature of P. ochraventer; in adults this color differs in shade. In some specimens patches of whitish hair give the tail a splotched appearance. Eleven of the twenty-eight skulls and lower jaws examined ...
— Mammals from Tamaulipas, Mexico • Rollin H. Baker

... were for the most part identified on slender grounds. His procedure was as follows: Having selected the place of a faculty, he examined the heads of his friends and casts of persons with that peculiarity in common, and in them sought for the distinctive feature of their characteristic trait. Some of his earlier studies were among low associates in jails and lunatic asylums, and some of the qualities located by him were such as tend to perversion to crime. These he named after their excessive manifestations, ...
— The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing - A Manual of Ready Reference • Joseph Triemens

... the Rev. R. H. Newell, B.D. and Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, issued an edition of the 'Poetical Works' of Goldsmith. The distinctive feature of this lay in the fact that it was illustrated by a number of aquatints 'by Mr. Alkin' (i.e. Samuel Alken), after drawings made by Newell in 1806-9, and was accompanied by a series of 'Remarks, attempting to ascertain, chiefly from local observation, the actual scene of 'The Deserted Village'.' ...
— The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith • Oliver Goldsmith

... several distinctive features. Marked redness of the affected skin areas appeared almost immediately, according to the Japanese, with progressive changes in the skin taking place over a period of a few hours. When seen after 50 days, the most distinctive feature of these burns was their sharp limitation to exposed skin areas facing the center of the explosion. For instance, a patient who had been walking in a direction at right angles to a line drawn between him ...
— The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki • United States

... window that they frequently inserted Perpendicular windows in walls of a much earlier date. Hence it is not always safe to determine the age of a church by an examination of the windows alone. Panel-work tracery on the upper part of the interior walls is a distinctive feature ...
— English Villages • P. H. Ditchfield

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