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Effervescent   /ˌɛfərvˈɛsənt/   Listen

Used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide.  Synonym: sparkling.  "Sparkling water"
(of a liquid) giving off bubbles.
Marked by high spirits or excitement.  Synonyms: bubbling, frothy, scintillating, sparkly.  "Scintillating personality" , "A row of sparkly cheerleaders"

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"Effervescent" Quotes from Famous Books

... YEAST.—Liquid yeast, when good, is light in color and looks foamy and effervescent; it has a pungent odor somewhat similar to weak ammonia, and if tasted will have a sharp, biting flavor. Yeast is poor when it looks dull and watery, and has a sour odor. Compressed yeast, if good, breaks off dry and looks white; if ...
— Science in the Kitchen. • Mrs. E. E. Kellogg

... change in Pauline—Pauline, the light-hearted, the effervescent of laughter and life, now silent and almost somber. It was two weeks before she, not easily won to the confiding mood for all her frankness, let Olivia into her secret. Of course, it was at night; of course, they were in the same bed. And when Olivia had heard she came nearer to the truth about ...
— The Cost • David Graham Phillips

... almost seemed to go into the opposite extreme from that which found favour in most limbs of the public service. If the guardians of the nation's purse-strings practically let the strings go during the early months of the contest, this may have been due to the effervescent personality of the then Chancellor of the Exchequer. But they took an uncommonly long time to recover possession of the strings. Was this in any way attributable to insufficiency of staff in times of great pressure? There was none of that cheery bustle ...
— Experiences of a Dug-out, 1914-1918 • Charles Edward Callwell

... Heidegger had been filling the four champagne glasses with the water of the Fountain of Youth. It was apparently impregnated with an effervescent gas, for little bubbles were continually ascending from the depths of the glasses, and bursting in silvery spray at the surface. As the liquor diffused a pleasant perfume, the old people doubted not that it possessed cordial and comfortable properties; and, though utter sceptics ...
— English Prose - A Series of Related Essays for the Discussion and Practice • Frederick William Roe (edit. and select.)

... turning round and round, as fast as he could, in the middle of the room, thinking there was somebody behind him, when the same voice struck again on his ear. It was singing now very merrily, "Lala-lira-la"; no words, only a soft running effervescent melody, something like that of a kettle on the boil. Gluck looked out of the window. No, it was certainly in the house. Upstairs, and downstairs. No, it was certainly in that very room, coming in quicker time and clearer notes every ...
— Journeys Through Bookland V2 • Charles H. Sylvester

... harness room spread the news throughout the barn. It was repeated from lip to lip. One by one the guests dropped out of the dance. Groups were formed. By swift degrees the gayety lapsed away. The Virginia reel broke up. The musicians ceased playing, and in the place of the noisy, effervescent revelry of the previous half hour, a subdued murmur filled all the barn, a mingling of whispers, lowered voices, the coming and going of light footsteps, the uneasy shifting of positions, while from behind the closed doors of the harness room came a prolonged, sullen ...
— The Octopus • Frank Norris

... "Tales of Irish Life" will remind the reader more of Lever or Sam Lover than of "Lavengro." It is effervescent and audacious, ringing with all the fun of the fair, and spiced with the constant presence of a vivacious and irresistible personality. The sixteen illustrations by Erskine Nicol are in precisely the same vein, matching Mrs Hall's sketches so manifestly that ...
— Law and Laughter • George Alexander Morton

Words linked to "Effervescent" :   bubbly, spumy, aerated, fizzy, charged, foaming, fizzing, still, lively, frothy, noneffervescent, effervescence, foamy, carbonated, effervescing, effervesce, sparkling

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