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Excrete   /ɪkskrˈit/   Listen

(past & past part. excreted; pres. part. excreting)
Eliminate from the body.  Synonyms: egest, eliminate, pass.

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"Excrete" Quotes from Famous Books

... if the body could take care of the food, which it can not. In all severe diseases digestion is almost or quite at a standstill and the food given under the circumstances decomposes in the alimentary tract and furnishes additional poison for the system to excrete. Food under the circumstances is a detriment and a burden to the body. In fevers, the temperature goes up after feeding. This shows that more poison has entered the blood. In fevers little or none of the digestive fluids is secreted, but the alimentary tract is so warm that the food decomposes ...
— Maintaining Health • R. L. Alsaker

Words linked to "Excrete" :   pee, wee-wee, eject, spue, eliminate, barf, honk, stool, be sick, wee, relieve oneself, regorge, crap, excretion, sweat, urinate, piddle, void, vomit up, pass, ooze out, ooze, upchuck, piss, excreting, puke, exhaust, take a shit, evacuate, sick, make, ca-ca, perspire, regurgitate, puddle, take a leak, pass water, exude, take a crap, defecate, make water, empty, egest, retch, sudate, disgorge, exudate, expel, shit, release, cast, spend a penny, pee-pee, throw up, cat, micturate, transude, discharge, purge, vomit, excretory, spew, chuck

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