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Fall apart   /fɔl əpˈɑrt/   Listen
Fall apart

Lose one's emotional or mental composure.  Synonym: go to pieces.
Go to pieces.  Synonyms: break, bust, wear, wear out.  "The gears wore out" , "The old chair finally fell apart completely"
Break or fall apart into fragments.  Synonym: crumble.  "The Sphinx is crumbling"
Become separated into pieces or fragments.  Synonyms: break, come apart, separate, split up.  "The freshly baked loaf fell apart"

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"Fall apart" Quotes from Famous Books

... leaves, which are held together at the back by a coating of an indiarubber solution. For a short time such a volume is pleasant enough to handle, and opens freely, but before long the indiarubber perishes, and the leaves and plates fall apart. When a book of this kind comes to have a permanent binding, all the leaves and plates have to be pared at the back and made up into sections with guards—a troublesome and expensive business. The custom with binders is to overcast the backs of the leaves in sections, ...
— Bookbinding, and the Care of Books - A handbook for Amateurs, Bookbinders & Librarians • Douglas Cockerell

... quake, Hearing afar the Vandal's trumpet hoarse, That shakes old systems with a thunder-fit. That time is ripe, and rotten-ripe, for change; Then let it come: I have no dread of what 230 Is called for by the instinct of mankind; Nor think I that God's world will fall apart Because we tear a parchment more or less. Truth Is eternal, but her effluence, With endless change, is fitted to the hour; Her mirror is turned forward to reflect The promise of the future, not the past. He who would win the name of truly great Must understand ...
— The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell • James Lowell

... afternoon with strict injunctions to keep on the shady side of the street. It seemed to grow hotter and hotter. The child lost her appetite and could not eat Bridget's choice tid-bits. Oh, how her little legs ached, and her back felt sometimes as if it would fall apart. ...
— A Modern Cinderella • Amanda M. Douglas

... were conscious, for a brief instant at least, that the old mill was gone. It seemed to fall apart, to disintegrate, to crumble like some time-worn structure. And then all five of the lads lost consciousness and seemed to be slipping down into everlasting blackness, while all about them fell and rattled and banged stones, bricks, mortar-dust and dirt, ...
— The Khaki Boys Over the Top - Doing and Daring for Uncle Sam • Gordon Bates

... plain. The spirit is the reality that endures. I am spirit, and I endure. I, Darrell Standing, the tenant of many fleshly tenements, shall write a few more lines of these memoirs and then pass on my way. The form of me that is my body will fall apart when it has been sufficiently hanged by the neck, and of it naught will remain in all the world of matter. In the world of spirit the memory of it will remain. Matter has no memory, because its forms are evanescent, and ...
— The Jacket (The Star-Rover) • Jack London

... this thin air, and it did hold as many shots as a cowboy's gun in a Western movie. It was effective, too, at least against Martian life; I tried it out, aiming at one of the crazy plants, and darned if the plant didn't wither up and fall apart! That's why I think the ...
— A Martian Odyssey • Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

... erginst them thet murders in ther night-time. An' yit ther riders has good men amongst 'em, too—men thet's jest sorely misguided. I reckon ye don't know thet, either, but Bas Rowlett's ther one body thet brought 'em ter life an' eggs 'em on. When he dies ther riders'll fall apart like a string of beads thet's been cut in two. Terday I aims ter ...
— The Roof Tree • Charles Neville Buck

... image on the screen, built up by infra-red probing through the opaque atmosphere. "She looks ready to fall apart right now. How much of ...
— Tulan • Carroll Mather Capps

... pleasure and not of truth. In modern times we almost ridicule the idea of poetry admitting of a moral. The poet and the prophet, or preacher, in primitive antiquity are one and the same; but in later ages they seem to fall apart. The great art of novel writing, that peculiar creation of our own and the last century, which, together with the sister art of review writing, threatens to absorb all literature, has even less of seriousness in her composition. Do we not often hear the novel writer censured for attempting ...
— Gorgias • Plato

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