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Filtration   /fɪltrˈeɪʃən/   Listen

The process whereby fluids pass through a filter or a filtering medium.
The act of changing a fluid by passing it through a filter.

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"Filtration" Quotes from Famous Books

... it has probably been added fraudulently. As iron exists in loam, it will show in the color of the ash if that is the substance used for adulteration. If lime has been added, it can be detected by dissolving the ash in muriatic acid and separating the sand, loam and iron, if present, by filtration, and then adding oxalate of ammonia to the liquid. If it shows more than a mere trace of lime, it has ...
— Guano - A Treatise of Practical Information for Farmers • Solon Robinson

... are of immediate service in allaying the pain arising therefrom: great quantities are cultivated in Surrey, and brought to the London markets. It is remarkable of this plant, that its juice, when purified by filtration, appears of a dilute yellowish colour upon the admixture of an equal quantity of rectified spirit of wine; but forms a beautiful white, light coagulum, like the finer kinds of pomatum: this proves extremely ...
— The Botanist's Companion, Vol. II • William Salisbury

... the earth must soon be destroyed, as all of those elements which the soil must supply to growing plants would be carried down out of the reach of roots, and leave the world a barren waste, its surface having lost its elements of fertility, while the downward filtration of these would render the water of wells unfit for our use. Now, however, they are all retained near the surface of the soil, and the water issues ...
— The Elements of Agriculture - A Book for Young Farmers, with Questions Prepared for the Use of Schools • George E. Waring

... drank it without noticeable relish. His lifted head betrayed only the automatic thankfulness of the domestic fowl. There had been a time when six o'clock meant something better than a paper goblet of lukewarm filtration. ...
— In the Sweet Dry and Dry • Christopher Morley

... purposes of anatomical preparations, the colour of the injected fluid will not pass into many very minute vessels; which nevertheless uncoloured water, or spirits, or quicksilver will permeate. The same occurs in the filtration of some coloured fluids through paper, or very fine sand, where the colouring matter is not perfectly dissolved, but only diffused through the liquid. This has led some to imagine, that the cause of the whiteness of the hair in elderly people may arise from the diminution, or greater ...
— Zoonomia, Vol. II - Or, the Laws of Organic Life • Erasmus Darwin

... also be absorbed by the chlorine; or, again, from some locally chemical peculiarity in the water or the ore, gold held in solution by the water might be again precipitated in the tailings before filtration was complete, and thus be lost. Henderson, Clark, De Lacy, Mears, and Deacon, all introduced improvements, or what were claimed to be improvements, on Plattner, but these chiefly failed because they did not cover every particular ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 620, November 19,1887 • Various

... Simple filtration will sometimes suffice to separate the required substance; in other cases dialysis will be necessary, in order that crystalloid substances may ...
— Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology • W. G. Aitchison Robertson

... metropolis. The water is naturally good and soft. The spots at which it is raised from the Thames used to be within the bounds of the metropolis, at no great distance from the mouths of common sewers; but it is now obtained from parts of the river much higher up, and undergoes a very extensive filtration, with which eight companies are concerned. The returns of the registrar-general showed that the average daily supply of water for all purposes to the London population, during August, 1870, was 127,649,728 gallons, of which it is estimated the supply for domestic ...
— Dickens' London • Francis Miltoun

... fool," said I, and began to sip the filtration. "What you need," I continued, "is the official attention ...
— The Voice of the City • O. Henry

... is concentrated and after treatment with animal charcoal and filtration should conform to the requirements of the British Pharmacopoeia. These are specified as follows: Specific gravity at 15.5 deg. C., 1.260. It should yield no characteristic reaction with the tests ...
— The Handbook of Soap Manufacture • W. H. Simmons

... experience in the field, were built and issued to all the British armies. These mobile filters are capable of filtering and sterilizing large quantities of water and delivering it to water carts or into stand pipes, ready to drink. A check is kept on the efficiency of the filtration and sterilization ...
— On the Fringe of the Great Fight • George G. Nasmith

... the river at Albany was seventeen feet above normal and was still rising. The power plants were put out of commission, street car traffic practically suspended and schools and factories closed. The city's filtration plant was threatened. The south end of the city was ...
— The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado • Logan Marshall

... produces neither agitation, cloud, or change of colour, when mixed with acids, alkalies, tincture of galls, syrup of violets, or solution of silver. The residue, after boiling, evaporation, and filtration, affords a very small proportion of purging salt, and calcarious earth, which last ferments with strong acids. As I had neither hydrometer nor thermometer to ascertain the weight and warmth of this water; nor time to ...
— Travels Through France and Italy • Tobias Smollett

... It is impossible to have anything to do with the French working classes, and not observe the effect of this artistic culture, and here and there throughout this work I have adduced instances in point. We have nothing in England to be compared to the general filtration of artistic ideas, by means of gratuitous art and technical instruction, and the opening on Sunday of all art ...
— Holidays in Eastern France • Matilda Betham-Edwards

... with a knife; but a few, together with the principal root, are suffered to remain from four to six inches long. In planting them, from three to four inches of the trunk are left above ground. The little basin of earth for the reception and filtration of the rain-water, is not so large in the stake system of planting as in that with the clod of earth "a la mota;" but if the soil be poor, it must be proportionably enlarged to admit the application of the ...
— The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom • P. L. Simmonds

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