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Harmonise   Listen

Go together.  Synonyms: accord, agree, concord, consort, fit in, harmonize.  "Their ideas concorded"
Write a harmony for.  Synonym: harmonize.
Sing or play in harmony.  Synonym: harmonize.
Bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously.  Synonym: harmonize.
Bring into consonance or accord.  Synonyms: harmonize, reconcile.
Bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing.  Synonyms: chord, harmonize.

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"Harmonise" Quotes from Famous Books

... passing slowly, slowly, slowly between them. It moved in a stealthy undulating line. No one could believe till he saw it how the bright flame-coloured bands of vivid orange-yellow on the monster's flanks, and the interspersed black stripes, could fade away and harmonise, in their native surroundings, with the lights and shades of the upright jungle. It was a marvel of mimicry. 'Look there!' I cried to the Maharajah, pointing one eager hand. 'What ...
— Miss Cayley's Adventures • Grant Allen

... but to destroy it. I even then felt a hope that at some future time I might yet rewrite the entire book. But life is short; and I have found that not only shall I never rewrite the book, but I shall not have the health even to fill out and harmonise this little remembrance ...
— Woman and Labour • Olive Schreiner

... difference of aim noticeable in European and Japanese art. From the few Dutch pictures which he had been able to examine, he concluded that European art attempted to deceive the eye, whereas Japanese art laboured to express life, to suggest movement, and to harmonise colour. What is meant is easily grasped when we set before the mind's eye a picture, by Teniers and a page of Hokusai's "Mangwa." On the other hand, if one chose a sketch by Rembrandt to represent Dutch art, the difference could no longer be apparent. If the aim of European art had ...
— Albert Durer • T. Sturge Moore

... complicated and unwieldy, he knows it is because he has not been able to hit upon the system which would have set everything in place and distributed the weight evenly. This search for system is really a search for unity, for synthesis; it is our attempt to harmonise the heterogeneous complexity of outward materials by an inner adjustment. In the search we gradually become aware that to find out the One is to possess the All; that there, indeed, is our last and highest privilege. It is based on the law of that unity ...
— Sadhana - The Realisation of Life • Rabindranath Tagore

... strikes me as being beautiful. It reminded me of the Chinese Plain, only it is prettier. But the houses at Oxford are hideous: there is no symmetry about them. The houses in this country are like blots on the landscape. In China the houses are made to harmonise with the landscape just ...
— Orpheus in Mayfair and Other Stories and Sketches • Maurice Baring

Words linked to "Harmonise" :   consort, euphony, realize, harmony, correct, conciliate, gibe, key, reharmonise, harmonize, relate, write, sing, set, adjust, go, match, fit, fit in, reharmonize, realise, agree, blend, music, chord, correspond, concord, modify, accord, harmonisation, accommodate, jibe, change, proportion, tally, check, blend in, alter, compose

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