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Humanism   /hjˈumənˌɪzəm/   Listen

The doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare.  Synonym: humanitarianism.
The doctrine emphasizing a person's capacity for self-realization through reason; rejects religion and the supernatural.  Synonym: secular humanism.
The cultural movement of the Renaissance; based on classical studies.

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"Humanism" Quotes from Famous Books

... true that both humanism and rationalism have brought antiquity into the field as an ally; and it is therefore quite comprehensible that the opponents of humanism should direct their attacks against antiquity also. Antiquity, however, has been misunderstood and falsified by ...
— We Philologists, Volume 8 (of 18) • Friedrich Nietzsche

... denials, and safeguards put upon us by the social order, and the dictates of worldly prudence, fall only before a still more fervid humanism, or a still ...
— Whitman - A Study • John Burroughs

... the Nation David Starr Jordan The Gospel of the Kingdom (Magazine) Edited by Dr. Josiah Strong The Call of the Twentieth Century David Starr Jordan Social Forces Edward T. Devine American Ideals Theodore Roosevelt The New Humanism Edward Howard Griggs The Gospel of Jesus and the Problems of Democracy Henry C. Vedder Home Missions and the Social Question M. Katherine Bennett Social Advance Rev. David Watson Poverty Robert Hunter A New Basis of Civilization Prof. Patton Jesus Christ ...
— Home Missions In Action • Edith H. Allen

... "Yet where should humanism find more zealous friends than in that very place, among the heads of the Church?" asked Dr. Peutinger. "From the Tiber, ...
— Uarda • Georg Ebers

... Protestants came to the fore during the last fifty years. The University of Groningen taught a humanism, which created a reaction towards the ancient confessors of the creed, the 'reveal,' or awakening. Subsequently modern cosmosophy tried to adjust its opinions to modern science and the results of modern research in every branch of human knowledge. This was a ...
— Dutch Life in Town and Country • P. M. Hough

... him, he appeared increasingly contradictory, one thing on the surface, another within. Clary's Grove and the evolutions from Clary's Grove, continued to think of him as their leader. On the other hand, men who had parted with the mere humanism of Clary's Grove, who were a bit analytical, who thought themselves still more analytical, seeing somewhat beneath the surface, reached conclusions similar to those of a shrewd Congressman who long afterward said that Lincoln was not a leader of men but a manager of men.(1) This astute ...
— Lincoln • Nathaniel Wright Stephenson

... the movements of Humanism and the Renaissance, swept away what was left of the almost religious idealization of the young virgin. The ethereal maiden, thin, pale, anaemic, disappeared alike from literature and from art, and was no longer an ideal in actual life. She gave place to a new woman, conscious of her own ...
— The Task of Social Hygiene • Havelock Ellis

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