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Intake   /ˈɪntˌeɪk/   Listen

The process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating).  Synonyms: consumption, ingestion, uptake.
An opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container.  Synonym: inlet.
The act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing.  Synonyms: aspiration, breathing in, inhalation, inspiration.

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"Intake" Quotes from Famous Books

... daintily fresh in her pink frock as a spring tulip; a frock, thought O'Mally, that would have passed successfully in any ball-room. She was as beautiful as the moon, and to this bit of Persian O'Mally added, conscious of a deep intake of breath, the stars and the farther worlds and the roses close at hand. Her eyes were shining, but her color was thin. O'Mally, for all his buffoonery, was a keen one to read a face. She was highly strung. Where ...
— The Lure of the Mask • Harold MacGrath

... said. "And if you weighed it, you'd probably find it still weighs an exact three and a half pounds. Mantelish feels the thing turns any food intake directly ...
— Legacy • James H Schmitz

... business to be a cranky car," Foster interposed pacifically. "Why, she's practically new!" He stepped over a puddle and stood beside Bud, peering down at the silent engine. "Have you looked at the intake valve?" he ...
— Cabin Fever • B. M. Bower

... not crowd the lungs or lay stress on the mere quantity of air you can inhale. The intake of breath is, for the singer, secondary to its control, economy, and application in song. Increase of lung capacity ...
— Resonance in Singing and Speaking • Thomas Fillebrown

... The intake and the pipelines in all services fill with men of a quite different fiber and outlook than those which commonly pass through the ...
— The Armed Forces Officer - Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-2 • U. S. Department of Defense

... at its base. He advanced among them. The surface of the rock was uneven—and low down a crack showed. At that instant a slow, sobbing, gasping intake ...
— The U.P. Trail • Zane Grey

... Berkley. There was a hint of ferocity in his voice. He took the letters, turned around to look for his hat, found it, and straightened up with a long, deep intake of breath. ...
— Ailsa Paige • Robert W. Chambers

... intake of breath Miss Barnet flung wide the door, slamming it after her until the windows and the blue-glass vase on the mantelpiece and Miss Worte, stretched full length on the ...
— Humoresque - A Laugh On Life With A Tear Behind It • Fannie Hurst

... the room was laid with carefully folded clothes. But they were not Chris's clothes. Chris jumped out of bed and then looked down with a quick startled intake of his breath. He was wearing a white nightshirt, something he had never even seen before and barely heard of. The sleeves were long and cuffed, and the nightshirt fell in linen lines ...
— Mr. Wicker's Window • Carley Dawson

... done it," he said, choking over his words. "I was beat there and was just quittin' when you came along and spoke. My!" he continued, with a sharp intake of his breath, "I was awful near quittin'," and then, looking straight into Cameron's eyes, "It was you done it, and—I—won't forget." His voice choked again, but, reading his eyes, Cameron ...
— Corporal Cameron • Ralph Connor

... kind are matters however that particularly concern the experimentalist and as our purpose here is to merely describe the methodology we may perhaps turn now to other types of testing. Before doing so it is perhaps unnecessary to suggest that in all experiments it is important that the food intake consumed be measured. Also that in all such experimentation it is necessary to run controls on a complete diet rather than to rely too much on standard figures. For this latter purpose it is merely necessary to add to the basal diets the "A" as ...
— The Vitamine Manual • Walter H. Eddy

... of tubes in use. This is ordinarily a quiet pool, as it is in a residence section, and this channel—our channels correspond to your streets, you know—has only six tubes each way. If you will look on the other side of the channel, you will see the intake end of ...
— Skylark Three • Edward Elmer Smith

Words linked to "Intake" :   bodily process, bodily function, ventilation, sucking, deglutition, drag, activity, imbibition, body process, pant, opening, breathing, breath, eating, respiration, siamese connection, suck, external respiration, pull, suction, air horn, siamese, drinking, puff, feeding, imbibing, drink, gasp, swallow

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