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Integrated   /ˈɪntəgrˌeɪtəd/  /ˈɪntəgrˌeɪtɪd/  /ˈɪnəgrˌeɪtəd/  /ˈɪnəgrˌeɪtɪd/   Listen

Formed or united into a whole.  Synonyms: incorporate, incorporated, merged, unified.
Formed into a whole or introduced into another entity.  "An integrated Europe"
Not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups.
Resembling a living organism in organization or development.  Synonym: structured.

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"Integrated" Quotes from Famous Books

... be carefully investigated, it seems highly probable that the ultimate unit of consciousness is something "of the same order as that which we call a nervous shock." Mind is proximately composed of feelings and the relations between feelings; from these, revived, associated, and integrated, the whole fabric of consciousness is built up. There is, then, no sharp distinction between the several phases of mind. If we trace its development objectively, in terms of the correspondence between ...
— History Of Modern Philosophy - From Nicolas of Cusa to the Present Time • Richard Falckenberg

... particle with a force which diminishes as the square of the distance increases. Thus the sun and the earth mutually pull each other; thus the earth and the moon are kept in company, the force which holds every respective pair of masses together being the integrated force of their component parts. Under the operation of this force a stone falls to the ground and is warmed by the shock; under its operation meteors plunge into our atmosphere mid rise to incandescence. Showers of such meteors doubtless fall incessantly upon the sun. Acted on by this force, ...
— Fragments of science, V. 1-2 • John Tyndall

... charted by others. Here is romanticism united with a scientific conscience and power of destructive analysis balanced by moral enthusiasm. Doubtless Locke might have dug his foundations deeper and integrated his faith better. His system was no metaphysical castle, no theological acropolis: rather a homely ancestral manor house built in several styles of architecture: a Tudor chapel, a Palladian front toward the new geometrical garden, a Jacobean parlour for political consultation ...
— Some Turns of Thought in Modern Philosophy - Five Essays • George Santayana

... The ideal permanent or inclusive self is then brought into conflict with a temporary passion. Love conflicts with duty, the lower with the higher self, flesh with spirit, desire with will. Few men have so thoroughly integrated a self that such conflicts altogether cease. Every one carries about with him a more or less ...
— Human Traits and their Social Significance • Irwin Edman

... the consciousness of the mother, there develops a new little minor consciousness which, although but lightly integrated with the mass of her consciousness, nevertheless has its part in her consciousness taken as a whole, much as the psychic correspondents of the action of the nerve which govern the secretions of the glands of the body have their part in her consciousness ...
— Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 (of 6) • Havelock Ellis

... of the liver is to take up new substances having not yet become blood, as well as the portions of integrated matter that can be worked over, and brought again into use. It is in fact the economist of the system. It excretes bile, and liver-sugar, and renews the blood. When the liver is disordered the whole ...
— Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why - What Medical Writers Say • Martha M. Allen

... to policymakers. Information is raw data from any source, data that may be fragmentary, contradictory, unreliable, ambiguous, deceptive, or wrong. Intelligence is information that has been collected, integrated, evaluated, analyzed, and interpreted. Finished intelligence is the final product of the Intelligence Cycle ready to ...
— The 2004 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency

... that the spirit without a corresponding body is not the complete "I myself"; yet from the same narrative we gather that the solid body in which he appeared is able to pass through closed doors, and to be disintegrated and re-integrated at will. Now on the electronic theory of the constitution of matter which I have spoken of in the earlier part of this book, there is nothing impossible in this; on the contrary it is only the known Law of synchronous vibration carried ...
— The Law and the Word • Thomas Troward

Words linked to "Integrated" :   segregated, mainstreamed, embedded, united, co-ordinated, tight-knit, co-ed, nonsegregated, incorporated, coeducational, desegrated, structured, unsegregated, coordinated, mixed, tightly knit, integrative, interconnected, organic, interracial, introjected, nonintegrated, joint

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