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Knock out   /nɑk aʊt/   Listen
Knock out

Knock unconscious or senseless.  Synonyms: kayo, knock cold.
Destroy or break forcefully.
Overwhelm with admiration.
Empty (as of tobacco) by knocking out.

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"Knock out" Quotes from Famous Books

... be the elixir of ambrosia to breathe salt air again, and the stronger and more mist-laden the better to knock out foul exhalations sucked in these nine years from musty walls. 'Twill be sweet to have the wind rap from us the various fungi that comes from sunless chambers. Ah, a stiff breeze will rejuvenate thy fifteen years one month to a lusty, crowing infant and ...
— Mistress Penwick • Dutton Payne

... lads! they fly before ye, "March on to riches, happiness and glory!" At first I wonder'd, by degrees grew bolder, Then cried—"tis a fine thing to be a soldier!" "Aye Humphrey!" says the Serjeant—"that's your name? "'Tis a fine thing to fight the French for fame! "March to the field—knock out a Mounseer's brains "And pick the scoundrel's pocket for your pains. "Come Humphrey come! thou art a lad of spirit! "Rise to a halbert—as I did—by merit! "Would'st thou believe it? even I was once "As thou art now, a plough-boy and a ...
— Poems • Robert Southey

... a vein is it, anyhow?" cried Tom, going down upon his knees and peering into the darkness. "Blest if there isn't a sort of cave down here. Knock out some more, boys, and let me get down. This is the queerest thing I've ...
— The Boys of Crawford's Basin - The Story of a Mountain Ranch in the Early Days of Colorado • Sidford F. Hamp

... countenance as he sprang to a clear spot of ground and rolled up both sleeves of his shirt to the shoulders, thereby displaying a pair of arms that might, at a rapid glance, have been mistaken for a pair of legs—"that's yer game, is it? won't I stave in yer planks! won't I shiver yer timbers, and knock out yer daylights, bless yer purty faces! I didn't think ye had it in ye; come on darlints—toothpicks and all—as many as ye like; the more the better—wan at a time, or all at wance, it don't matter, not the ...
— The Red Eric • R.M. Ballantyne

... ails him?" asked Adelaide in turn. "I always thought Bob Jeffries was to be depended on any time he was needed. Remember how he played in those ball games, and with never an error. Yes, and didn't he knock out more than a few dandy two-baggers, with men on bases? Why should you ...
— Jack Winters' Gridiron Chums • Mark Overton

... p. 210.) In northern Africa "a man requires a period of from eight to ten years to perfect his coiffure." With other nations the head is shaved, and in parts of South America and Africa even the eyebrows and eyelashes are eradicated. The natives of the Upper Nile knock out the four front teeth, saying that they do not wish to resemble brutes. Further south, the Batokas knock out only the two upper incisors, which, as Livingstone (47. 'Travels,' p. 533.) remarks, gives the face a hideous appearance, owing to the ...
— The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex • Charles Darwin

... great deal of your wit too lies in your sinews, or else there be liars. Hector shall have a great catch an he knock out either of your brains: 'a were as good crack a fusty ...
— The History of Troilus and Cressida • William Shakespeare [Craig edition]

... or over-heated in argument, no one can neglect the observance of the amenities of conversation, who talks thoughtfully between the pulls at his pipe, who has to pause now and again to refill, to strike a light, to knock out the ashes, or to perform one of those numberless little acts of devotion at the shrine of St. Nicotine, which fill up the pauses and conduce to reflection. The Indians were wise in their generation ...
— The Social History of Smoking • G. L. Apperson

... not think you quite understand," said Phineas, "how such an ordeal as this works upon a man, how it may change a man, and knock out of him what little strength there ever was there. I feel that I am broken, past any patching up or mending. Of course it ought not to be so. A man should be made of better stuff;—but one ...
— Phineas Redux • Anthony Trollope

... all sorts of rich men backing up literary enterprises, but the natural- gas man in literature is a new thing, and the combination of your picturesque past and your aesthetic present is something that will knock out the sympathies of the American public the first round. I feel," said Fulkerson, with a tremor of pathos in his voice, "that 'Every Other Week' is at a disadvantage before the public as long as it's supposed to be my enterprise, my idea. As far as I'm known at all, I'm known simply as ...
— Henry James, Jr. • William Dean Howells

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