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Lesion   /lˈiʒən/   Listen

Any localized abnormal structural change in a bodily part.
An injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin).  Synonym: wound.

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"Lesion" Quotes from Famous Books

... hung on a thread. His family and his friends expected to see him die from one hour to another. The physician, an experienced physician whose every visit cost five francs, talked of a lesion, and that word was in itself very terrifying to all but Gervaise, who, pale from her vigils but calm and resolute, shrugged her shoulders and would not allow herself to be discouraged. Her man's leg was broken; that she knew very ...
— L'Assommoir • Emile Zola

... the emir was not in. Mesrour apparently having experienced one of those curious mental lesions not unknown in the annals of medicine, where a linguist loses all memory of one or more of the languages he speaks, while retaining full command of the others—Mesrour having experienced such a lesion, which had, at least temporarily, deprived him of his command of the English language, Mr. Middleton was unable to learn anything that he desired to know, until bethinking himself of the fact that alcohol loosens the thought centers and that by its agency ...
— The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton • Wardon Allan Curtis

... sometimes brought forward to account for his deafness, would have more weight had the lesion shown itself in the case of either of his other brothers. As it is, there is no hint to be found of even a tendency to deafness in any other of the Beethovens, whether Johann, Karl, or the nephew. In any event a congenital ...
— Beethoven • George Alexander Fischer

... her go without protest or reproach. A mysterious lesion seemed to have taken place, I felt astonished and relieved, yet I was heavy with sadness. My emancipation had been bought at a price. Something hitherto spontaneous, warm and living was withering ...
— The Crossing • Winston Churchill

... transfixed through any one of the intercostal spaces, the instrument will surely wound some part of the lung. If the thorax be pierced from any point whatever, provided the instrument be directed towards a common centre, A, Plate 1, the lung will suffer lesion; for the heart is, almost completely, in the healthy living body, enveloped in the lungs. So true is it that all the costal region (the asternal as well as the sternal) is a pulmonary enclosure, that any ...
— Surgical Anatomy • Joseph Maclise

... surprise at finding some rare lesion treated with modern technique, and a hint at least of our modern apparatus. Fracture of the pubic arch, for instance, is described in Abulcasis quite as if he had had definite experience with it. When this occurs in ...
— Old-Time Makers of Medicine • James J. Walsh

... a good many times, and I have seen the transmission of the morbid state of the eye continue through four generations. In these animals modified by heredity, the two eyes generally protruded, although in the parents usually only one showed exophthalmia, the lesion having been made in most cases only on ...
— Essays on Life, Art and Science • Samuel Butler

... local reaction at the site of inoculation and any other readily accessible lesion should be carefully investigated. Any suppurative process which may occur, whether in the subcutaneous tissues or in joints, should be explored and the pus carefully examined ...
— The Elements of Bacteriological Technique • John William Henry Eyre

... never healed a lesion for you! You never uttered a prayer to it for strength with every breath! And, doctor," Jack hesitated, while his lips were half open, showing his even teeth slightly apart in the manner of a break in a story to the children where he expected them to be very attentive to what was coming, ...
— Over the Pass • Frederick Palmer

... a lack of thirst or absence of the normal desire for water. In some of these cases there is a central lesion which accounts for the symptoms. McElroy, among other cases, speaks of one in a patient who was continually dull and listless, eating little, and complaining of much pain after the least food. This, too, will be ...
— Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine • George M. Gould

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