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Linguistics   /lɪŋgwˈɪstɪks/   Listen

The scientific study of language.
The humanistic study of language and literature.  Synonym: philology.

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"Linguistics" Quotes from Famous Books

... and accustomed the section to fraudulent evasions, and he emphasized education as a possible remedy; he had quite made up his mind that the Negro had little or no place in politics. In January, 1892, a distinguished classical scholar, Basil L. Gildersleeve, turned aside from linguistics to write in the Atlantic "The Creed of the Old South," which article he afterwards published as a special brochure, saying that it had been more widely read than anything else he had ever written. In April, Thomas Nelson Page in the North American ...
— A Social History of the American Negro • Benjamin Brawley

... time the growing interest manifested in the study of North American linguistics rendered necessary the preparation of a new edition of the Introduction. In the words of ...
— Catalogue Of Linguistic Manuscripts In The Library Of The Bureau Of Ethnology. (1881 N 01 / 1879-1880 (Pages 553-578)) • James Constantine Pilling

... didactic excursions and sectarian interpolations, which impart to worldly themes a tone peculiarly theological. History and oratory are unknown in Indian literature. The early poetry consists of hymns and religious poems; the early prose, of liturgies, linguistics, "law," theology, sacred legends and other works, all of which are intended to supplement the knowledge of the Veda, to explain ceremonies, or to inculcate religious principles. At a later date, formal ...
— The Religions of India - Handbooks On The History Of Religions, Volume 1, Edited By Morris Jastrow • Edward Washburn Hopkins

Words linked to "Linguistics" :   historical linguistics, ablative, early, topicalize, descriptor, inanimate, diachrony, semantics, phoneme, modern, acceptable, received, postposition, animate, sign, feature, generative grammar, linguistic process, old, suprasegmental, structuralism, apheresis, prescriptive linguistics, polyphonic, grammar, humanities, phonology, linguistic universal, synthetic, scientific discipline, lexicology, aphaeresis, synsemantic, autosemantic, cognitive science, science, dialect geography, word form, humanistic discipline, vocative, theme, unacceptable, signifier, cacuminal, descriptivism, tone, neurolinguistics, voice, segmental, allophone, philology, topicalization, inflected, arts, retroflex, semantic role, dialectology, syntax, analytic, late, feature of speech, etymologize, etymologise, sentence structure, geminate, root word, pragmatics, unaccepted, phylum, obscure, prescriptivism, form, uninflected, complementation, descriptive grammar, universal, reduce, new, structural linguistics, nonstandard, middle, complementary distribution, base, root, phonemics, cognate, homophonous, standard, derivative, descriptive linguistics, diachronic linguistics, prescriptive grammar, linguistic, linguistic rule, etymology, bad, liberal arts, morphophoneme, prepositional, linguistics department, aspectual, linguistic performance, linguistic geography, rule, participant role, stem, linguist, radical, preposition, reduplicate, linguistic competence, phrase structure

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