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Link up   /lɪŋk əp/   Listen
Link up

Be or become joined or united or linked.  Synonyms: connect, join, link, unite.  "Our paths joined" , "The travelers linked up again at the airport"
Connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.  Synonyms: connect, link, tie.  "Tie the ropes together" , "Link arms"
Make a logical or causal connection.  Synonyms: associate, colligate, connect, link, relate, tie in.  "Colligate these facts" , "I cannot relate these events at all"

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"Link up" Quotes from Famous Books

... the case seemed to make any sense. It wasn't that there were no clues, or no information for him to work with. There were a lot of clues, and there was a lot of information. But nothing seemed to link up with anything else. Every new fact was a bright, shiny arrow pointing nowhere ...
— Supermind • Gordon Randall Garrett

... comprehension. I seemed to view him across the same gulf which separates a meditative zoo visitor from some abysmally hirsute animal that eons and eons ago must have been its cave-fellow and hearth-mate. But now we seemed to have nothing in common, not even a language with which to link up those lost ages. Yet from all that mixture of feelings only one survived: I didn't ...
— The Prairie Wife • Arthur Stringer

... distinguishing function. Our own politics are based on the results of the exercise of this function in the past, and cannot be properly understood without a knowledge of the details of that exercise. To link up the argument: man is a political animal and finds his expression in the work of politics; he can only be fitted for that work by the study of history. Mr. Belloc, then, regards this as the most ...
— Hilaire Belloc - The Man and His Work • C. Creighton Mandell

... more. I see the situation as you would have me see it, and it comes to this: If I refuse to link up with you it means another 'Standard Oil' victory and another wreck for Boston. Rogers' success means that New England speculators and investors will again, for the three hundred and thirty-third time, be robbed of their savings. If I get in, we may either avert all this or ...
— Frenzied Finance - Vol. 1: The Crime of Amalgamated • Thomas W. Lawson

... pressed the hazardous experiment to its logical conclusion. Once for all, he must know if this young woman with the sympathetic voice and the goddess-like pose could, even under suggestion, be led to link up the past with ...
— The Price • Francis Lynde

Words linked to "Link up" :   interconnect, cerebrate, complect, bring together, dissociate, hitch, bridge over, connect, colligate, think, attach, remember, disconnect, unite, identify, daisy-chain, think of, cogitate, free-associate, articulate, relate, tee, ground, have in mind, associate, interdepend, correlate, interrelate, put through, syndicate, hang together, bridge, conjoin, linkup, mean, interlink

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