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Mother superior   /mˈəðər supˈɪriər/   Listen
Mother superior

The superior of a group of nuns.  Synonyms: abbess, prioress.

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"Mother superior" Quotes from Famous Books

... in this great creature," she said, patting the fat cushioned arms, "and the Mother Superior would be horribly shocked, but don't let's mind. Now, do tell me something about this plan. You see," gravely, "I really don't know the world very well yet—I have always been at the Convent near Tours until ...
— The Man and the Moment • Elinor Glyn

... fears and scruples. By means of his passes and his favor with the government he could reach the borders of the Venetian dominions without suspicion, from whence he would escort Marina to the nearest convent and place her in safety with the Mother Superior, to whom he would confide the story of her distinguished guest and secure for her the treatment due to a Venetian princess; which, under the circumstances, would be an easy matter, as no member of a noble Venetian house ...
— A Golden Book of Venice • Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

... an arrant coward. He hid in a cabbage garden, and is still believed to have made his temporary escape from the police in the habit of an Anglican sisterhood, of which his sister, Hon. Mrs. Monsell, was Mother Superior. ...
— The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent • S.M. Hussey

... loudly. No one came, and he knocked again and again. At last the door was opened by the Mother Superior, who was attended by two others. She started ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... noble patron's desire must be carried out!" and the Mother Superior without further lament went from the ...
— Mistress Penwick • Dutton Payne

... Oirschot, in Holland. As is ever the case when a convent is to be established, tribulations abounded. It seemed, in fact, that the time was ill-chosen for transferring the Sisters to a town in arms against the Catholics, across a country infested by bands of armed Protestants. When the Mother Superior selected Marie Marguerite to go forth and found this new House, she entreated to be left to pray in peace in her little nook; but Jesus interposed; commanding her to depart. She obeyed; exhausted, sick, and worn out, she dragged herself along the roads, and at ...
— The Cathedral • Joris-Karl Huysmans

... occupied a considerable time, and the sun was sinking westward when at last the two ladies left the Convent. Lesley's adieux had been made before Lady Alice's arrival, and the only persons whom she saw, therefore, after the long interview with her mother, were the Mother Superior, and the Sister who had summoned her to ...
— Brooke's Daughter - A Novel • Adeline Sergeant

... to his new acquaintance with safety. But on the whole it seemed to him better to wait until to-morrow. To-morrow he would find out all about her. 'Her name,' he said, and taking the card out of his pocket he read: 'Mrs. Forest, Mother Superior of the Yarmouth Convent, Alexandra Hotel, Hastings.' 'Mother Superior of a Convent! I should never have thought it. But if she is a nun, why isn't she in a habit? Classical cartoons and nunneries. I think this time I've hit upon a strange specimen, one of the strangest ...
— A Mummer's Wife • George Moore

... talked to the Mother Superior—his eyes followed Monica. As she moved from cot to cot he noted how the younger sisters fluttered happily around her, like bridesmaids around a bride, and how as she passed, the eyes of those in the cots followed her jealously, ...
— The Lost Road • Richard Harding Davis

... I know the road that will lead us to it. The wild beast shall be hunted down to-night, or to-morrow at least. Monsieur le Prefet, the letter that accompanied those documents, the unsigned letter which this young lady handed you, was written by the mother superior who manages a nursing-home ...
— The Teeth of the Tiger • Maurice Leblanc

... better days. Her change of place was observed by the nun who presided at the table, and a shade of displeasure passed over her face. It was slight, but it portended trouble. And, indeed, when grace had been said, Mademoiselle de Nailles was sent for by the Mother Superior, who gave her to understand that, being so young, it was especially incumbent on her to be circumspect in her choice of associates. Her place thenceforward was to be between Madame de X——-, an old, deaf lady, and Mademoiselle J——-, a former governess, as cold ...
— Jacqueline, Complete • (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon

... religious houses all over the Continent the most beautiful of women live and languish and die. Had she escaped from one of the convents in the neighbourhood? Had she grown tired of prayers, penances, and the shrill tongue of some wizen-faced Mother Superior? ...
— The Count's Chauffeur • William Le Queux

... but to keep a coach and horses—six horses is the number at one time attributed to his carriage. Though he had no legal power to prevent his sister from disposing of her property as she elected, the amiable Jacqueline shrank from doing so without her brother's willing approval. The Mother Superior, Mere Angelique—herself an eminent personage in the history of this religious movement—finally persuaded the young novice to enter the order without the satisfaction of bringing her patrimony with her; but Jacqueline remained so distressed ...
— Pascal's Pensees • Blaise Pascal

... Father Damien. Time, distance, and isolation count for naught with them. It is no uncommon thing to encounter in the bush a Catholic priest who has been on continuous service there for fifteen or twenty years without a holiday. At Luluaburg lives a Mother Superior who has been in the field for a quarter of a century without wandering more than two hundred miles from ...
— An African Adventure • Isaac F. Marcosson

... Satan undermines Woman's Confidence in God Satan raises Suspicion Ritualism the Outgrowth Mother Superior and Sisters of Charity Satan employs Mystery Spiritualism Satan's Influence deceived Woman The Girl of the Period Woman's Peril and her Hope The Effects of Sin Characteristics of Woman's Power as a Tempter Influence of Married Women How Rome uses ...
— The True Woman • Justin D. Fulton

... be plotting with the Mother Superior?—Ramuntcho, knowing that these two women are enemies, is astonished and disquiet to-day to see them walk side by side. Now they even stop to talk aside, so important and secret doubtless is what they are saying; ...
— Ramuntcho • Pierre Loti

... mechanically, her fingers numb with the accustomed exercise. The little organ creaked a dismal "O Salutaris," and she still knelt on the floor, her white-bonneted head nodding suspiciously. The Mother Superior gave a sharp glance at the tired figure; then, as a sudden lurch forward brought the little sister back to consciousness, Mother's eyes relaxed into a ...
— The Goodness of St. Rocque and Other Stories • Alice Dunbar

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