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Natural action   /nˈætʃərəl ˈækʃən/   Listen
Natural action

A process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings).  Synonyms: action, activity, natural process.  "Volcanic activity"

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"Natural action" Quotes from Famous Books

... arteries. In many cases the glands that secrete the gastric juice are feeble; in others they seem cramped, and far from ready to act when food is presented. The hot water has the same effect on them as it has everywhere else on the body—that of stimulating the circulation and bringing about natural action. It looks a very frail remedy; but when we can, as it were, see these glands opening and filling with arterial blood the instant they are bathed in this same water, and see how ready they become to supply gastric ...
— Papers on Health • John Kirk

... assimilation, allows Nature to make pure blood, firm flesh, strong muscles, healthy tissue and store up vital energy. A whole bottle of Fruitola is to be taken at once; this to be followed by small doses of Traxo to complete the strengthening and toning effect on the stomach, to insure regular, natural action of bowels and kidneys and to give permanence to all the benefits of the treatment. The gentle action of Traxo on the kidneys removes waste and by keeping the liver active it frees the general circulation of bile—it clears the eye and complexion and brings ...
— The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing - A Manual of Ready Reference • Joseph Triemens

... exclaimed, "does one yeoman know another! To elevate a distinction into a difference is the natural action of their minds. I will point that out to Blaize. He shall see that ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... he seized the occasion to readjust his limbs, which were also becoming wearied because of the long time he had held them motionless. He was prudent enough, however, to give the whole movement the seeming of a natural action done in sleep. He flung himself about for a few seconds, and then rolled back almost in the same posture, apparently ...
— Camp-fire and Wigwam • Edward Sylvester Ellis

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