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Negotiable   /nəgˈoʊʃəbəl/   Listen

Capable of being passed or negotiated.
Able to be negotiated or arranged by compromise.  Synonym: on the table.  "The proposal is still on the table"
Legally transferable to the ownership of another.  Synonyms: assignable, conveyable, transferable, transferrable.

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"Negotiable" Quotes from Famous Books

... of the gang, the man Granier and his servant Pietro were extradited to France for trial, while a quantity of jewellery, works of art, money and negotiable securities of all sorts were unearthed from a villa near Fontainebleau and restored to ...
— The Doctor of Pimlico - Being the Disclosure of a Great Crime • William Le Queux

... to the westward to survey the route. After travelling about seven miles we mounted a small berg, and there as far as we could see stretched a series of immense flat floes from half a mile to a mile across, separated from each other by pressure-ridges which seemed easily negotiable with pick and shovel. The only place that appeared likely to be formidable was a very much cracked-up area between the old floe that we were on and the first of the series of young flat floes about half a ...
— South! • Sir Ernest Shackleton

... more German submarines than ever before. The Admiralty has begun to see its way to reduce the danger to proportions, normal and negotiable, like other dangers. If that is done within the next months the British flee will have gained the most memorable, though the least evident, victory in all ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 153, Oct. 10, 1917 • Various

... apparently and was negotiable. So at least appears from Nebuchadrezzar 270. We thus have property in ...
— Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters • C. H. W. Johns

... he carries pinned to his vest, and at the end of every week turns in the cash to the City Treasury. That money is used to pay the interest on the bonds. The scheme has the additional advantage that it makes a man's teeth negotiable property in the sense that whereas under the old system he couldn't very well sell his teeth, under the new system he can sell the bond if he gets hard up. Moreover, the City Government having acquired control has to pay all his dentist's bills, supply tooth powder and ...
— Alice in Blunderland - An Iridescent Dream • John Kendrick Bangs

... and all that fine thing; but it can't evidently charm a landlord, as at present constructed, into the faith that the notes of a fiddle, a clarionet, a bugle, or a trombone are negotiable at the corner grocery, or ...
— Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 9, 1870 • Various

... sensible course, Ackerman," said he. "Too much was at stake for you to risk delay. When a pocketbook filled with negotiable securities disappears one must of necessity act with speed. Neither Stephen nor I cherish the least ill-will about the ...
— Steve and the Steam Engine • Sara Ware Bassett

... later he enticed a bank messenger in Barcelona into a house he had taken for the purpose, and having knocked him down robbed him of his wallet containing a quantity of English bank notes and negotiable securities. ...
— The Stretton Street Affair • William Le Queux

... Micawber, 'Bills—a convenience to the mercantile world, for which, I believe, we are originally indebted to the Jews, who appear to me to have had a devilish deal too much to do with them ever since—because they are negotiable. But if a Bond, or any other description of security, would be preferred, I should be happy to execute any such instrument. As between ...
— David Copperfield • Charles Dickens

... under the divine intent, must be accorded also to that creature known as the white man. If he, the white man, can prevail, can survive, can succeed, he, too, must have his chance. That is the law! But the chance of either white or black man is his own and is not negotiable. That is the law! Not without fitness can there be ultimate success. Not until the fullness of the years can there be attainment for any creature of this earth. That is the law! There is no tree growing in the center of this ordained universe wherefrom the full fruit of survival and of success ...
— The Law of the Land • Emerson Hough

... document issued by owners of a ship or their agents, promising to pay a seaman, or to his order, a sum of money in part of his wages, within a certain number of days after he has sailed in the ship. Advance notes are quite negotiable before a seaman has taken ...
— The Sailor's Word-Book • William Henry Smyth

... to this day disbelieve that the office was robbed at all, because everything was found locked and barred, and the most careful examination showed that no one could have broken into the room from which a box containing twenty thousand dollars in currency and a package of negotiable bonds was stolen." ...
— Ted Strong's Motor Car • Edward C. Taylor

... punishment was still retained in all forgeries of the great seal, privy seal, and sign-manual; in forgeries of wills, on the public funds, on bank or money notes, or orders for the payment of money; and, in a word, of all documents which represent money, and are negotiable and transferable for it. This bill did not meet with the views of a strong party in the house, who thought that the punishment of death should not be inflicted in any cases of forgery, nor extended to any offence short of murder. ...
— The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. - From George III. to Victoria • E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

... Years of Unremitting Application and Studious Frugality the Business Man had acquired in Real Estate, Personal Property, Stocks, Bonds, Negotiable Paper, and other Collateral, the sum of Nineteen Dollars, but he owed a good deal more than that. Brother Lyford had continued to be a rude and unlettered Country Jake. He had 240 acres of crackin' Corn Land (all tiled), a big red ...
— Fables in Slang • George Ade

... holds or not, it will be a great relief to feel that there is this plain of negotiable ...
— Scott's Last Expedition Volume I • Captain R. F. Scott

... am always ready to put my name to any species of negotiable paper, from twenty shillings upward. Excuse me, Heep, I'll write it. (Goes through motion of writing it on leaf of memo, book. Tears it out and hands it to Heep.) I suppose this is renewable on ...
— Practice Book • Leland Powers

... the same snare; oh dear, what a pitfall it was; it almost ruined me! And lent him our money upon bills, with only one name besides his own, which to be sure everybody supposed to be a good one, and was as negotiable as money, but which turned out you know how. Just as we should have come upon him, he died insolvent. Ah! it went very nigh to ...
— The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby • Charles Dickens

... deposited, and to whose order it is to be paid. For the use of money deposited for any considerable period, banks agree to pay interest, usually less, however, than the rate established by law. Certificates of deposit may, by indorsement, be made transferable as promissory notes and other negotiable paper, (Chap. LX., Sec.2,) and are often remitted, instead of money, to distant places, where, by presenting them at a bank, they may, for a trifling compensation, ...
— The Government Class Book • Andrew W. Young

... have accepted the system. My plan of making the interest on the bonds payable in Europe was rejected under the lead of gentlemen who thought it involved some sort of national degradation. My object was to make the loan more negotiable in Europe and thus to extend the demand, and consequently, to increase the value of ...
— Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 2 • George S. Boutwell

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