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Organic process   /ɔrgˈænɪk prˈɑsˌɛs/   Listen
Organic process

A process occurring in living organisms.  Synonym: biological process.

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Words linked to "Organic process" :   physical process, regeneration, infolding, resorption, implantation, symphysis, ontogenesis, body process, carbon cycle, adaption, destructive metabolism, adjustment, ripening, translocation, nitrogen fixation, keratinization, organification, nitrogen cycle, evolution, gastrulation, erythropoiesis, crossing over, phylogenesis, folding, cellular division, hemopoiesis, catabolism, vascularisation, karyokinesis, blistering, cytokinesis, effacement, bloom, perennation, haematopoiesis, nondevelopment, translation, lymphopoiesis, reabsorption, secretion, shedding, oxidative phosphorylation, tricarboxylic acid cycle, dissimilation, Krebs citric acid cycle, antisepsis, metabolism, regulation, birthing, hypostasis, protein folding, hematogenesis, giving birth, invagination, synizesis, eutrophication, vascularization, ageing, transcription, aging, growing, pathological process, blooming, intussusception, senescence, synapsis, adaptation, hematopoiesis, agglutination, eburnation, parturition, absorption, heredity, haemogenesis, pathologic process, replication, deossification, organic evolution, secernment, extravasation, process, growth, metamorphosis, sanguification, bodily process, vesiculation, nidation, tumefaction, involution, transpiration, maturation, quickening, nutrition, digestion, keratinisation, ontogeny, ovulation, anovulation, expression, transduction, quellung, katabolism, preservation, humification, lysogenisation, phylogeny, synezesis, asepsis, defoliation, reproduction, sloughing, assimilation, introversion, inhibition, cell division, maturement, haemopoiesis, autoregulation, hemogenesis, development, vesication, activity, quellung reaction, glycogenesis, haematogenesis, citric acid cycle, epistasis, ecchymosis, metabolic process, lysogenization, bodily function, Krebs cycle, summation, ulceration, crossover, bacteriostasis, ossification, segregation, birth

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