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Pee   /pi/   Listen

Liquid excretory product.  Synonyms: piddle, piss, urine, water, weewee.  "The child had to make water"
Informal terms for urination.  Synonyms: peeing, piss, pissing.

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"Pee" Quotes from Famous Books

... one of the best known and one of the most common frequenters of open woods, where all summer long its pleasing notes may be heard, resembling "Pee-a-wee" or sometimes only two syllables "pee-wee." They nest on horizontal limbs at elevations of six feet or over, making handsome nests of plant fibres and fine grasses, covered on the exterior with lichens; they are quite shallow and very much resembles ...
— The Bird Book • Chester A. Reed

... their way northward to their summer home, and I succeeded in killing and stuffing a pair. The feathers of the male were a beautiful pink-red. The other strange bird seemed to come with the scarlet tanager, and is much like a pee-wee in shape and size, with feathers of a ...
— Lippincott's Magazine, September, 1885 • Various

... north aisle of Winchester Cathedral, in a dark nook immediately adjoining the wall of the choir, is the mutilated effigies of a Crusader, recumbent on an oblong stone. The figure is armed cap-a-pee, in a hauberk,[6] with sword and shield, the latter of which bears, quarterly, two bulls passant, gorged with collars and bells, and three garbs, being the armorial bearings of the noble family of De Foix, of which was the Captal de Buck, one of the first Knights of the Garter, ...
— The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, No. 583 - Volume 20, Number 583, Saturday, December 29, 1832 • Various

... said capt. understanding the designe wee weare about, Joyn'd his company with ours, who weare about Eighty men out of him, so wee went with all our parties on with corrage, and landed them about twenty leagues short of Puerta Vella in an olde ruinated Port called Puerta Pee; the way was very rocky and bad to march, they goeing near the sea side to Eschape the look-out which thay saw plainely on a high Hill, butt as god would have itt, the look-out did nott see them. ...
— Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period - Illustrative Documents • Various

... bending gracefully over a tall bunch of grass, "is a pee-wee's nest, four darling little eggs; look ...
— The Clansman - An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan • Thomas Dixon

... paused for a moment to gain breath, evidently overcome by the recollection of the awful scene. "Is not that bee-u-tiful?" he exclaimed. "What a fine effect you could give to that on the pee-a-ne, humouring the keys to imitate his squabbling about in the mud. Let me tell you, mister, it would beat Russell's 'Ship on Fire' ...
— Life in the Clearings versus the Bush • Susanna Moodie

... To bikn and kin; To pee and hal, And av and jal; To kair and poggra, Shoon and rokra; To caur and chore, Heta and cour, Moar and more, To drab and dook, And nash on rook; To pek and tove, And sove and rove, And nash on poove; To tardra oprey, And chiv aley; To pes and gin, To mang and chin, To pootch and ...
— Romano Lavo-Lil - Title: Romany Dictionary - Title: Gypsy Dictionary • George Borrow

... eight boys in camp, but this season only four could come in the beginning; so they have lots of room in their big tee pee. When the other boys come out, they will have to make another tent. They made and water-proofed this one themselves," explained Mr. Gilroy, showing the visitors the fine ...
— Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks • Lillian Elizabeth Roy

... until he learned better, a drunkard until "the Spirit of God entered his heart" and caused his reformation, and used to write sermons for St. Louis preachers who palmed them off as their own. I don't know about that; but I know that of the interview he gave the Pee-Dee a column was cribbed without credit from the article on "Charity" in "Brann's Scrap-Book." "The Spirit of God" may have done much for Morrissey, but it hasn't cured him of the thieving habit, and I would advise people to keep a sharp eyes on their portable property until this religious reformer ...
— Volume 10 of Brann The Iconoclast • William Cowper Brann

... of the American raypublic, which will soon be greather thin the raypublic itself. At prisint, though, we do not number much over a million. But we are incraysing. We have hoighly-multifeerious raysourcis. All the hilps are in our pee. These are our spoys. They infarrum us of all the saycrit doings of the American payple. They bring constint accisions to our numbers. They meek us sure ...
— The Lady of the Ice - A Novel • James De Mille

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