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Pitch into   /pɪtʃ ɪntˈu/   Listen
Pitch into

Hit violently, as in an attack.  Synonyms: lace into, lam into, lay into, tear into.

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"Pitch into" Quotes from Famous Books

... whereas he had never given a thought to the hazard when going into a fight. He had always played the game to win, odds either way. The men he sought would be mounted. He would be on foot. This time the fugitives would have more than a fair chance. They would blunder down the pitch into the arroyo, perhaps glancing back, fearful of ...
— Jim Waring of Sonora-Town - Tang of Life • Knibbs, Henry Herbert

... was going to pitch into him, but then I thought it would be a pretty low-down thing for me to be fighting a country tavern-boy, so I simply gave him my opinion of him. I don't believe he'd have held the horse, only he thought it ...
— A Bicycle of Cathay • Frank R. Stockton

... valuable laborer. Not that he was fond of hard labor. Mrs. Crawford says: "Abe was no hand to pitch into work like killing snakes;" but when he did work, it was with an ease and effectiveness which compensated his employer for the time he spent in practical jokes and extemporaneous speeches. He would lift ...
— McClure's Magazine December, 1895 • Edited by Ida M. Tarbell

... man," said Alston, looking up at him unhappily. "I don't half care for these things. I like the decent thing done, but, Jeff, I don't want to pitch into the dirty business and call names and be called names and uncover smells. I'd rather quit the whole business and ...
— The Prisoner • Alice Brown

... coachman sat expecting some one to appear from the shop, and longing to pitch into the 'camstary' horse, but not daring to lift his whip beyond its natural angle. No one came. All at once Shargar ...
— Robert Falconer • George MacDonald

... an important part in the action. Two galleasses, each containing a thousand men, and two other vessels, surrounded Bor[a]k Reis, but the smaller ships could not fire over the koka's lofty sides, and were speedily sunk. Bor[a]k Reis threw burning pitch into the galleasses, and burnt up crews and ships, till, his own vessel catching fire, he and other notable captains, after performing prodigies of valour, perished in the flames. Wherefore the island of Prodano is by the Turks called Bor[a]k Isle to this day.[16] To the Christians the action ...
— The Story of the Barbary Corsairs • Stanley Lane-Poole

... Mobile Bay, "as I am always hopeful; put my shoulder to the wheel with my best judgment, and trust to God for the rest"; or, in more homely language: "Everything has a weak spot, and the first thing I try to do is to find out where it is, and pitch into it with the biggest shell or shot that I have, and repeat the dose until it operates." "The Confederates at Fort Morgan are making great preparations to receive us. That concerns me but little"—words used not in a spirit of mere light-heartedness, but because it was ...
— Admiral Farragut • A. T. Mahan

... castle: that's all explained afterwards. Out come the retainers, and pitch into the Baron till they make mincemeat ...
— The Three Clerks • Anthony Trollope

... great globes were which were never used—and would there reproach him with the various frauds and oppressions he had endured at his hands. At the close of his observations he would make a signal to a Prizefighter concealed in the passage, who would then appear and pitch into the Reverend, till he was left insensible. Old Cheeseman would then make Jane a present of from five to ten pounds, and would leave the establishment in ...
— Some Christmas Stories • Charles Dickens

... at SIMMINSES store. After tryin' on the garment about steelin' wood, it was hard to decide who the coat fit the best, but each one made up his mind to pay off an old grudge and "pitch into the Lait Gustise." ...
— Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 19, August 6, 1870 • Various

... given you any cause of offence, Jack, why don't you pitch into him?" suggested a half-drunken fellow who bore the enviable reputation of being a most ...
— My Life: or the Adventures of Geo. Thompson - Being the Auto-Biography of an Author. Written by Himself. • George Thompson

... itched to pitch into the boy and give him a good drubbing, but he controlled himself, and said, quietly, "What's the trouble with you, Carrots? Are you too lazy ...
— The Bishop's Shadow • I. T. Thurston

... man apologized to me the other day for his merciless attack on one of my books, saying that he felt miserable that morning and must pitch into something; and my book being the first one on the table, he pitched into that. Our health decides our style of work. If this world is to be taken for God, we want more sanctified muscle. The man who comes to his Christian work having had sound sleep the night ...
— Around The Tea-Table • T. De Witt Talmage

... such a proclamation? It is the merest nonsense. To thank the soldiers, few words were needed. But to say that the enemy must come and fight us on our own ground. O heaven! Hooker ought not to have had time to write a proclamation, but ought to pitch into the rebels, surprise and confuse them, and not wait for them. What is the ...
— Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863 • Adam Gurowski

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